Olympic Family Values

The Alberici Family

Today, communication with the world is at our finger tips. Our children can’t help but to become a product of society and family traditions are hidden somewhere in the attic. Our role as a parent has been taken over by cell phones, My Space and Facebook. As parents, how can we be included in this Network? If you can’t beat the system, join the system. Guess what? My 23-year-old daughter is my friend on Facebook.

When I was a young child, there was no television or internet. Boring? No! All my brothers and sisters played in the great outdoors. I loved climbing trees and peddled my bike everywhere! There was music and the world of my imagination. Our entertainment was found within the family as we sang together, played together and worked together. I learned family values from my parents, who were always available for their nine children and taught us to be supportive of each other. Praying together as a family gave us spiritual strength. Our faith was the bond that unified my brothers and sisters with a sense of security that carried us through the journey of our lives. Our parents taught us about healthy eating and the benefits of exercise and that is something that we’ve extended to our families. Presently, I find satisfaction taking care of people by giving them the tools for better health and fitness as a Lifestyle Educator at Kaiser Permanente. Helping others to live well is a great way to make a living.

Above is a picture of my family, taken during the mid 70’s. A few years earlier, my sister Linda and I left home to perform as a regular on the Dean Martin Comedy Hour, with the female singing and dancing group, The Golddiggers. Many of these ladies are our dear friends today. As entertainers, we traveled internationally for several decades and our family’s values kept us down to earth.

I found that keeping a family unified takes practice and more practice, by reaching out and lending an ear or a hand. Sometimes we have to be a mind reader but it’s worth the effort. Sharing home cooked meals, or meeting at a restaurant, watching a favorite TV show together or sharing laughter and tears creates a strong emotional bond.

Watching the Winter Olympics, these past weeks, and seeing how countries compete and cheer each other on has been inspiring. The Olympic spirit has endured and spread from continent to continent, with each generation carrying the torch to light up the darkness. So, it is with families. Getting together and celebrating events, like birthdays, is so important.

The candles were just lit for my sister’s Alane, 50th birthday. Hooray! She has the special knack for cooking up delicious and healthy meals for our entire family, which we eat with gusto! Some of us even break out into song, “Alane is great; she makes good cake …”   Keeping our family legacy alive by sharing together is important to all of us. We are far from the perfect family but we’ll go the extra mile for each other. That’s love.

Wishing you love and support,

Maria Lauren (AKA) Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

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Alberici-Sisters-book--Beyond-Our-Wildest-DreamsMaria Lauren and her sister, Linda Eichberg (Alberici Sisters) were members of The Dean Martin Golddiggers and have co-authored the book, ‘Beyond Our Wildest Dreams’ about their journey with celebrities like the Rat Pack: www.BeyondOurWildestDreams.com

Maria Lauren and the Alberici Sisters currently make personal appearances as entertainers and fitness/lifestyle coaches.

Contact: YGTPower@aol.com



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19 thoughts on “Olympic Family Values

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  2. Happy Birthday Alane, besides being a fantastic sister and cook, you will always be remembered as a godly woman or as Lindsay said, “an angel.” Congrats sis. I love you. Linda

    • Yes, Alane is always thinking of others and doing for others. Her kindness goes beyond measure but she’s nobody’s fool!

  3. Maria,

    What a wonderful family you are. Indeed you are blessed to have so many family members. Being Jewish, we will celebrate my granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah on March 13. Coincidentally, it would have been my husband and my 55th anniversary on that very same date. I am grateful for the wonderful life he provided for us and I think of you and the way you helped me through your classes in yoga, fitness combo etc. Your inspiration helped me to recover sooner from the tumor operation and my cousin (who is a doctor at Kaiser) was surprised to see me in the hospital doing some yoga exercises which helped me make a more complete recovery sooner. I wish I could take yoga with you again and would appreciate your keeping me informed if you will have those classes.

    Sending love and best wishes,

    • Hi, Diane!

      The Bat Mitzvah is sure to be lots of fun as you share sentimental moments with your family. I’m glad you’re feeling better after your surgery and the Yoga helped.

      I currently teach Yoga for Kaiser Permanente at their Santa Clarita location. I’m teaching Pilates, Chair Exercise, Dance Exercise and Tai-Chi at Kaiser’s Panarama City location. Hope to see you soon.

      Love and best wishes for your health and happiness,

  4. Alane, you are the glue that binds the family. You’re selfless, bright, hard working to a fault, and very special in so many ways. Umberto, Umberto, Jr. and Marco are lucky to have you as their wife and mother and we, as a family are as lucky as them to have you as a daughter, sister, aunt and friend.

    Love, GUS

    • Where would we be wothout some additional heritage – thanks to our Czech and Jewish brother’s-in-law and sis-in-law’s, southern charm.

  5. Maria, we consider ourselves part of your family as well. Sadly, we don’t have nephews and nieces. Our family is small and does not have the same ‘togetherness’ that yours has. I really admire the way your all are unique and distinctive, yet cohesive. thank you for sharing your family and your love with us these last 27 years! Miss you all as well.

    Charlie Shotsky

    • LOL! Thanks for adding your wit to this mix … As dad would say, “I’m ageless” … I’m sticking with that answer! I remember when our first TV was delivered. I think I was about 4 years old … it was magical!

  6. At times I marvel at how we are a group of such unique individuals who share a common yet precious bond. I cherish each of you!
    Love, Alane

    PS please remember me for something besides food!

    • Alane, I remember our “girl talks” … your steadfast ways DOING for others, taking care of business but somehow finding the time to put exercise in your routine too.

      What a woman! … a righteous woman with a sense of humor … I could go on …

      xox Your sis,
      Maria 😉

  7. Yes, Aunt Alane is great! I love her numerous gourmet, yet health conscious meals and her selflessness to always have big family parties at her house! I love all my family and look forward to going back east to visit them and share moments with each other.

    Mom, I liked the metaphor with the Olympics and the torch lighting relating with family togetherness and worldly togetherness. I am blessed to be a part of this famiy.

    Marianna ❤

  8. Great story Maria. I can’t think of another family I would have wanted to be part of than the Alberici extended family. The family has shown me the same kind of love and support my own immediate family has showed me throughout my lifetime. The last thirty years getting to know each of the Alberici family members, particularly the siblings and watching them grow from children to wonderful adults with their own children has been inspiring and awesome to experience. God has been the center of all of our lives, and leaning on Him we all have moved forward to benefit one another and so many others worldwide. Being unselfish and in many cases selfless, our family has impacted the world and we should never cease doing just that. We are a special family, using the gifts God gave us and the fruits of the Spirit instilled in each of us in our various endeavors.

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