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Maria Lauren (aka: Maria E. Riccio) – Lifestyle Educator at Kaiser Permanente

Give me a shot! I have never been excited about getting a shot at a medical facility but this shot would toast the Grand Opening of our Thrive Room located at Kaiser Permanente in Panorama City. Don’t worry, there was no alcohol served, only wheat grass juice and I had a double shot! Now, staff members have their own fitness center, full of exercise equipment to help them “Thrive.”

The celebration continued at our Fit Festival. There, I demonstrated some exercises while Channel 7 televised it and caught my fellow employees at the conclusion of their 30-Day Fitness Challenge and Thrive K Walk. Local vendors were also available to offer their health and fitness expertise surrounded by our Farmer’s Market of fresh fruits and vegetables.

 We are getting healthier! I’m happy to announce that made-to-order salads have become a popular entrée in our cafeteria and thanks to our Wellness Committee the deep fryer has been turned off. Did you know that a large order of fries can represent the calories for a full meal and half the fat grams you should have all day? Sugar-soda was removed from the cafeteria and from our vending machines at all our medical centers. These positive pro-active moves prove that as health professionals, we are practicing what we preach to our patients.

 Being a proud staff member of our Health Education Department, I find satisfaction in teaching fitness classes as a prescription for health. Serving in joy makes my job more like play and that joy is contagious. You’re welcome to catch the fun at any of our Pilates, Yoga, Dance Exercise and Tai Chi Fitness classes.

 Besides offering a variety of fitness classes, our healthy living classes are helping patients manage their Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol…etc. One of our own, Doris Gomez, RN has been recognized as an “Everyday Hero.” Doris works tirelessly to teach patients how to control their Diabetes for a more “Powerful Life.”  I must say that the same dedication to health and the service of others can be seen throughout our department.

 During these hot summer days, please stay well-hydrated and drink moderate amounts of water throughout the day. If your planning to exercise (Of course, you are!) please drink some water before, during and after your workout. Besides getting hydrated you’ll be flushing the toxins out of your body.

To your health,

Maria Lauren – Your Powerful LIFE blog

(AKA: Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio)


Maria Lauren is currently making personal appearances with her sister, Linda Eichberg, also a certified fitness instructor.  Contact:

  •  Keynote Speaker: “You Got The Power”
  • Entertainer and Producer: “Showstoppers”
  • Singing or Fitness Coach…

Alberici Sisters book, "Beyond Our Wildest Dreams"Maria Lauren and her sister, Linda Eichberg (Alberici Sisters) both have an entertainment background and have written a book about keeping their fitness values while performing with a variety of entertainment legends including the Rat Pack. It is available on-line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Book Preview:


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3 thoughts on “To Your Health

      • I am blessed with good health most of the time but last week, I got sick. Uhg! It was awful and I had to miss one day of work but I could rest assured that all my fitness classes were taken care of thanks to the Kaiser Permanente Health Education team at Panorama City. Thanks to all.

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