Dean Martin’s Golddiggers live the dream!

Maria Lauren with Dean Martin's Golddiggers

Dean Martin and The Golddiggers with the Alberici Sisters

It’s happening! My sister Linda and I are finishing up a book about our adventures as members of Dean Martin’s Golddiggers and our experiences singing and dancing with the biggest stars of the 70’s.  Our book is appropriately called, Beyond Our Wildest Dreams.

Beyond Our Wildest Dreams propels the reader back to the glory days of The Rat Pack, dazzling Las Vegas in the 1970s and the end of the television variety show era. But it’s not all glitz and glamour – it’s also the story of  two sisters from a large Italian family led by a domineering father whose radical ideas on health and nutrition were decades ahead of their time and a sometimes glamorous mom of nine children with a quirky show biz background. 

As the reader follows our journey through show business, we have quotes from notables of the biz and fellow members of The Golddigger too. Some of these girls have become our life long friends.

While doing research for this book, I was blessed to become re-acquainted with some of The Golddiggers with whom I lost touch. Reminiscing, it was touching to find out that our bond was still strong, even though we haven’t spoken in over thirty years. I was proud to learn that Lee Nolting, the youngest member of The Golddiggers in 1973, presently teaches dance to low-income youth in her community. Kudos to her for helping others live their dream too!

Needless to say, touring with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin would be any performers dream! We learned so much about the art of entertaining by watching these pros in action! Pictured above is Dean Martin and The Former Golddiggers: Clock-wise from right to left (kneeling) Peggy Gohl, Maria Lauren, (standing) Robyn Whatley-Kahn, Patti Gribow, Dean Martin, Joyce Garro and Linda Eichberg.

“When Frank entered the stage he lifted the mood with a jovial greeting, “Hiya, gang,” and the audience went crazy. Sinatra skillfully and dynamically paced his set. He was a master of the dramatic pause. For instance, when he performed the popular song, ‘I Write the Songs’ by Barry Manilow, Mr. Sinatra made the song his own after delivering the first line, ‘I’ve been around forever.’ He paused and the audience applauded in agreement.”Maria Lauren, book excerpt, Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

As I did research for the book I was re-acquainted with some of The Golddiggers with whom I lost touch. Lee Nolting, the youngest member of The Golddiggers during 1973, presently teaches dance to low-income youth in her community. Reminiscing, it was evident that our bond was still strong, even though we haven’t spoken in over thirty years.


Alberici Sisters book – Legendary Stars

About the book: Beyond Our Wildest Dreams is a biography in an oral history format written by the Alberici Sisters, Maria Lauren and Linda Eichberg with production design by Billy Ingram. It tells about a thrilling time in show business when the Rat Pack ruled! Now available on-line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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Wishing you pleasant dreams,

 Maria Lauren, a.k.a., Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

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* The Alberici Sisters, Maria and Linda continue to entertain and are motivational speakers.

* Maria is a personal singing coach, fitness coach and a Lifestyle Educator at Kaiser Permanente.

* Contact:

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9 thoughts on “Dean Martin’s Golddiggers live the dream!

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  2. Working so closely with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin was a musical education that money could never buy. We were blessed! At the time, who knew we were going to be asked to write a book, I would have taken more pictures! Still, there are close to 300 photos in the book which make it very unique. ~ Linda
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  3. In the late 80’s to the early 90’s, until I was about 5 years old, I remember being in the dressing room watching my mom (Maria Lauren) and all of the other ladies in “The Golddiggers” get all glamorized in their dresses in preparation to dazzle the audience. I remember Dean Martin sneaking me little chocolates from the fruit baskets placed in his dressing room. He was quite the family man and entertainer at the same time! It’s been great hearing about the stories with Dean and Frank before I was born. It really is quite the “movie” of a book! I know only great outcomes will come from it such as interviews on network TV and signings!
    I also know that the celebrities of this day who look up to the Rat Pack as the “Kings of Swagger” are going to want to read it as well, such as R&B singer/songwriter NeYo and actor/singer Jamie Foxx…. 😉

  4. I remember how strenuous performing on the road was for you. Your wellness background surely set you up for the rigors of the constant traveling, performances, appearances.
    Happy to hear the book is near completion! XO

    • Thanks. All the stars we performed with made the unending traveling worthwhile and our healthy background helped us endure. Our family values guided us… “us” being The Alberici Sisters! xo

  5. I’m a little afraid to read the book, Maria. I hope you deleted that one thing I did and told you not to publish because it was just too wild 😉 and would get me in big trouble… lol

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