The Faces of LoVE

LoVE Fest 2011

Care and medicine helps South African orphans conquer AIDS

 “Each of us has a choice about how to love the world in our own unique way.” – Bernie Siegel, MD

 Love in action can make a difference in the lives of those who find themselves with no hope. An organization that offers hope to orphans affected by HIV/AIDS is Lily of the Valley AIDS Foundation d/b/a Lily of the Valley Endeavor (LoVE) which supports three children’s HIV/AIDS Villages in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. My sister, Linda and her husband Steve Eichberg are involved in putting on an annual fundraiser, with a group of volunteers from the U.S. Their aim is to raise money for these orphans living in South Africa, one of the areas of the world hardest hit by the horrific AIDS pandemic.

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” ~ Thornton Wilder

Sharing in Gratitude: Linda, Steve and many of the volunteers have traveled to South Africa. During their visit they fell in love with the children and were filled with a burning desire to help. They started a fundraiser called LoVEFest, a beautiful event filled with wonderful music. Many celebrated musicians have lent their talents to LoVEFest in the past: Ambrosia, Benise, Brenton Brown, Carmen Carter, (singer from Dancing with the Stars,) John Tesh and even my sister Linda sang a few songs. LoVEFest ’11 will also feature world renowned musicians: Smooth Jazz Artist – Tim Heintz & Friends, Blues Band – Bleeding Harp and The Horizons. In addition, a special surprise guest artist will be making his return to the LoVEFest stage.

 Amazingly, one of theLoVEFest’s raised enough money to build a medical clinic for the children and surrounding community. The next year, the money was used to equip and staff the Clinic. Before the Clinic was built the HIV/AIDS infected children, who were already weak and sick, had to travel for hours to the nearest hospital and then wait many more hours to have their antiretroviral therapy administered to them.

 I will let Linda Eichberg tell you more about the Lily of the Valley Children’s Villages and LoVEFest.

 “While at Lily of the Valley, Steve and I saw that this was a place orphans are protected and loved. They live happily in spite of the terrible disease from which they suffer, and are wonderfully cared for and nurtured. The children live in groups of five or six in small homes with a house-mother. There, they receive lots of love and physical and emotional healing. The scourge of HIV/AIDS has left so many children alone without parents or family so we need to constantly expand and make room for more children. The proceeds of this year’s LoVEFest will be used to add more children who are desperately in need, to the residences at the Lily of the Valley Children’s Villages.”

 “LoVEFest ’11 will be held at the Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks CA. on Saturday, September 10, from 3:00 – 7:00. This will be our 7th consecutive LoVEFest fundraiser. Festival goers bring a chair or blanket to relax and listen to great music while they enjoy gourmet food & wine under a beautiful summer sky.”

 “At LoVEFest you can stroll through the breathtaking gardens and browse our unique silent auction items and handmade African crafts & jewelry. There will also be wine tasting hosted by ONEHOPE Wine & Malibu Family Vineyards. Fabulous food will be provided by Grill on the Alley, Lazy Dog Café, Stone Fire Grill, The Melting Pot, Jody Maroni’s Sausage Kingdom, Noah’s Bagels, Valley Bakery, TBM Catering & Events, Giuliani’s bakery and others!”

Tickets may be purchased at:

Thank you, Lily of the Valley Endeavor for putting on this awesome event. I’m looking forward to having another good time, enjoying the peaceful and loving vibe, grooving music, delicious food, fun shopping and spontaneous dancing. What better way to spend the afternoon?

 God bless this endeavor,

Maria Lauren, a.k.a. Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

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2 thoughts on “The Faces of LoVE

  1. Love in action-that was also Mother Theresa’s life message. Beautiful thing to witness. Keep up the good work! XO Alane

    • In the past years, Linda and her husband Steve have been working hard on this charitable project. It takes a village of people to make a positive change to a village in need on the other side of the world… it’s like taking part in a miracle!

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