Alberici Sisters: Still Living the Dream

Alberici Sisters: Fitness Experts, Entertainers, Authors

 When we entertained with Dean Martin in his later years, he jokingly said, “If I knew I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself.” This is no joke! Because of medical breakthroughs the Baby Boomers are living longer and wanting a better quality of life. We know from experience that exercise is the ‘Fountain of Youth.’ 

 Today, my sister and I are still living the dream as we both promote a healthy lifestyle at corporate wellness centers in the Los Angeles area. Our expertise as certified fitness instructors and entertainers is also utilized when we each teach personal training exercises for body and mind health or singing techniques for the art of performing. Seeking balanced lives is always our first priority. This includes physical, mental, spiritual and social/emotional well-being.

 Besides being fitness practitioners, my sister Linda and I live vigorously as we travel on our book tour doing radio interviews and television appearances. Recently, we flew into Las Vegas to be interviewed on Fox TV to talk about our book and the glamorous days of  “Old Vegas.”  



During the writing of our book, BEYOND OUR WILDEST DREAMS, my sister and I would often meet for a walk on the beach and do some deep breathing as we discussed the direction of ‘Beyond Our Wildest Dreams.’ Just looking at the beauty of nature would revive us. Taking time out from our passion of writing to re-discover our emotional and social connection to friends, family and fellow performers actually kept us going. Their stories, love and energy carried us to completion.

Sisters share a lot. We certainly don’t agree on everything (that’s for sure) but we feel blessed to have shared our life’s journey together. Our values, family, friends and faith are the glue that keeps us together. Our journey continues…

* “As busy or exciting as my life can sometimes get, when I feel the joy slipping away I pause and ask God what’s next?  God’s message is always perfect, loving and timely. At different times the answer has been to give back to others or to take care of my family. Other times it was simply to do something fun for me.” – Linda (Alberici) Eichberg 

* “Relaxing and clearing my mind gives me a chance to focus on my spiritual values. Trusting in the power of God to take over my burdens suddenly makes me feel renewed.” – Maria (Alberici) Lauren – Riccio

* (The Alberici Sisters’ book is featured in the November 2011 issues of the Calabasas Times and the Studio City Lifestyle magazines.) 


To live your dream, you have to be awake. As I look at the world around me, I find that everyone is so busy, not just me. Sometime, I run on pure adrenaline and let the momentum of life move me from one thing to another. If I don’t get enough rest, I crash which -n-Renew-CD:-Maria-Lauren,-Al-Albericiusually leads to a weakened immune system. 

Relax-n-Renew, a CD of beautiful, healing imagery meditations and soothing music has a beneficial effect on body and mind health too! 


Hope your journey includes a ‘Powerful Life’ in physical, mental and spiritual health.

Keep dreaming!

Maria Lauren – yourpowerfullife  (AKA: Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio)


The Alberici Sisters, Maria Lauren and Linda Eichberg have been called, “The Rat Pack Golddiggers!” As entertainers, the sisters toured and “hung-out” with the Rat Pack and icons of the 20th Century! 

Dean Martin TV Show producer Lee Hale says: “The ladies have had a remarkable life, and it’s lovely to read about it.”


Alberici Sisters: Maria Lauren and Linda Eichberg with Dean Martin

The Alberici Sisters book, Beyond Our Wildest Dreams is about their adventures as members of the singing and dancing glamour girls, The Dean Martin Golddiggers which included touring with Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Louis Prima… etc. It’s a 342 page book by Maria Lauren and Linda Eichberg, produced by Billy Ingram, containing more than 350 pictures. It’s selling on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

The Alberici Sisters continue to entertain and are certified fitness instructors.  Contact:              



Maria Lauren – Motivational Host for LIFE: Living, Inspiration, Fitness, Entertainment


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6 thoughts on “Alberici Sisters: Still Living the Dream

  1. Colleen, you still continue to inspire us all with your youthful vitality and positive outlook on life. Dean Martin was one of our greatest natural talents, but the Gold Diggers really put him over the top. It was definitely a win-win show. Thanks for the glorious memories!

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