Betty White: “Golden Girl” inspires “Golddigger”


Betty White is a living Icon whose familiarity touches you like that of your favorite Aunt. Her down-to-earth personality and light-hearted way is endearing. It’s uncanny that in a room full of stars Betty White can remind you of the lighter, fun side of your mom or of that special older woman you admire. She is a role-model and gives all women hope that we can be vitally alive at any age, especially a former Dean Martin Golddigger like myself!

“I think older women still have a full life. Maybe the writers don’t address it these days, but it doesn’t change the fact.” ~ Betty White

Betty White has lived a long life on television, a span of over 60 years. You may remember her as a familiar face on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Golden Girls and presently, Hot in Cleveland. Betty has won numerous Emmy Awards and is the oldest person to be a guest host on Saturday Night Live. She won an Emmy Award for being the Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series for the first season of Golden Girls.

Maria Lauren and television show clips including memorable theme songs of the 80’s

A POWERFUL LIFE: Besides appreciating Betty White as a notable celebrity, Betty is someone that I would like to know better. I would suspect she would make a wonderful dinner guest by adding an air of her special humor and wit to the occasion. Part of her comedic talent is how she can be sweet but flippant in her delivery. Betty White is as sharp as a whip but her sting tickles your funny bone like a giggle. Part of her wisdom and charm is she makes everyone feel good. She doesn’t take herself too seriously but there is no false humility. She doesn’t brag; she just does. These traits are the fertilizer that cultivated her long career and life to flourish.

“The thing I like to do best is my work for animals. I’ve worked with LA Zoo and a number of other animal causes for years now, and I never want to give that up.” ~ Betty White

Recently, I had lunch with some of my girlfriends that performed with me in the singing and dancing group, The Golddiggers. Would I be bragging to say that we all experienced over a half a century of life, ourselves? LOL! I have to admit I am proud of my friends. They are not shy about giving their talents and resources to worth-while causes that help others and our future world. They are not shy about stating their opinion either. When I brought up the subject of Betty White, the one word that kept coming into the conversation to describe her was “Amazing!”

AGING AND LONGEVITY: During our lunch, the subject of aging and longevity came up. We spoke fondly of our parents and older friends recognizing that those who lived an active lifestyle were in pretty good health as compared to those who stayed at home isolated from the outside world. It was obvious to us that as one gets older it is important to keep moving and exercise.

“I have a two-story house and a bad memory, so I’m up and down those stairs all the time. That’s my exercise.” ~ Betty White

“An active body may help older people keep a sharp mind.” (Mayo Clinic study) ~ Ira Dreyfuss, HHS Health Beat, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Thank you, Betty White for giving women hope as we get older, for your sharp mind and teaching us that a sense of humor endures. There is a misconception about older adults being forgetful, inactive, depressed and intolerant. I am grateful to teach fitness while working as a Lifestyle Educator at Kaiser Permanente. We have a million Medicare members. Seniors usually have more than one health condition so they like being taken care of by a team. All our physicians have immediate electronic access to all the comprehensive data about each patient. Also, over 400, 000 of our Medicare patients use for care support and information like lab reports because it’s so convenient. * Kaiser Permanente celebrates numerous awards including Medicare five-star awards and lead the country in the number of HEDIS first place quality scores.

This Holiday season, I’m going to try to live in the “present” and invest in relationships by giving the gift of time, appreciation, memories, compassion and peace.

Many Blessings,

Maria Lauren – Your Powerful LIFE blog  

(AKA) Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio


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7 thoughts on “Betty White: “Golden Girl” inspires “Golddigger”

    • Thanks Linda at KCNR, internet radio. You and Carl are the radio hosts with the most! It is easy to be inspiring when the subject is the outstanding lady and entertainer, Betty White!
      Blessings, Maria

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  2. Hi Maria,
    Thanks for the uplifting article about Betty White. My son, Jack Impellisari worked with her on Boston Legal. He was so impressed with her and she was so gracious to him. Working with an icon is a daunting experience but she made him feel so good and welcome. She is truely a great lady.
    Love, Madi

    • Madi, thanks for sharing your story about Betty White. It’s nice to know how gracious she is after so many years of success.
      Jack’s acting always adds a special characterzation to the scene. More importantly, he is a wonderful father and family man, just like his parents. 🙂
      Love, Maria

  3. Love her! Thank goodness for her mental and physical agility that gives older woman the pride that our youth worshipping culture can not undermine. Fellow animal lover too!
    Alane xo

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