Women can be “Transformers”


ALBERICI SISTERS: Maria Lauren & Linda Eichberg – Entertainers, Fitness Experts, “Transformers”

Women are constantly transforming their lives. Women are versatile. Like the popular, “Transformers” movies and the car, “BumbleBee” women can cruise down life’s road as a well-traveled sports car but in certain situations can also turn into a warrior of steel!

This month, my sister, Linda Eichberg and I had the pleasure of appearing as the Alberici Sisters at the Hollywood Show with a variety of celebrities, which included Mark Ryan, the voice of “BumbleBee” and “Jetfire” of “Transformers” 1 and 2. At the show, we learned Mark Ryan is also a seasoned actor and did many musicals in London’s West End which included Andrew Lloyd Webber’s, “Evita” and worked under the direction of Broadway legend, Hal Prince. He is also accredited for originating the character of ”Nasir” in the British TV series, “Robin of Sherwood”.

On February 11 – 12, the Hollywood Show displayed a buffet of stars: David Soul & Michael Glasser (Starsky & Hutch), Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie), Martin Landau (Mission Impossible), Lanie Kazan (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Davy Jones (The Monkees), John Diehl (Miami Vice), Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars), Valerie Harper (Mary Tyler Moore)… and us, the Alberici Sisters (Dean Martin Comedy Hour).

My sister and I had a great time taking photos with fans of the Rat Pack and sharing stories from our book, “Beyond Our Wildest Dreams.” We were blessed to perform with some of the greatest talents of the Twentieth Century when we were part of the singing/dancing troupe, The Dean Martin Golddiggers, so we wrote a book about it!

Today, The former Golddiggers keep digging for the gold that lasts. As women of purpose, we can transform our lives and the lives of others. Below is an example from one of our own, Robyn Whatley-Kahn.



Robyn Kahn, sweet talks about “honey”

“In my pursuit of health, I’ve been fortunate to travel and teach all over the world. Now, with my husband, I have settled down on the little Greek island of Ikaria. Interestingly, in the ancient days it was known as “the healing island” and today I host health retreats and teach the health benefits of Body Talk

My husband has a “honey of a job”… pun intended… He learned the ancient art of bee keeping and exports the famed “Blue Zone” Ikaria honey to the United States. www.ikariahoney.com  It is famous in Europe for being the best honey in Greece. And then, when in 2010 best-selling author, Dan Beuttner, named Ikaria as one of the five “Blue Zones” for longevity in the world, our Ikaria honey became world-famous for its medicinal and longevity benefits not to mention its exquisite taste. So, to stay sweet, be extra healthy, and to show that special sweetheart you’re “sweet” on him/her… think of Ikarian honey.”


Thank you, Robyn. I tasted the Ikarian honey and it was delicious! My parents gave all of their nine children honey instead of sugar and that may be the reason why none of us had cavities. On another note, consumers would be wise to support organic farmers and urge officials to be prudent about adding chemicals and pesticides to our fruits and vegetables. It is important for the balance of nature that we keep our bee population thriving.

“If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years left to live.” – Albert Einstein

As a Lifestyle Educator at Kaiser Permanente, I am proud to work with a company who cares about the health of our planet and our patients. We support our local farmers with a Farmers Market on our KP premises. Kaiser Permanente is also the world leader in green health care. Media outlets like the Washington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle are spreading the news of how we’re going green. A feature story: An Earth Day Round-Up…

How do you or your company help our environment to thrive?  We all have to do our part! How have you transformed your life? Your story could inspire others so please leave a comment!

Many blessings,

Maria Lauren, (aka: Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio)   

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6 thoughts on “Women can be “Transformers”

  1. One of my favorite moments at The Hollywood Show was when a boy came by the “Transformers” table to see if Mark Ryan could fix his Transformer figure. Mark and his group from the “Transformer” movies were a little late & hadn’t arrived yet so the youngster explained to me how he had gone to several different places to try & find someone who could repair his Transformer but no one could. As the youth patiently waited for Mark & crew, I imagined how disappointed he would be if Mark was not able to repair prized possession.
    After Mark arrived he was so great with the young guy and he WAS able to fix the toy. The boy beamed with admiration and awe. He was so excited! Mark was a real superhero that day.

    Linda Alberici Eichberg

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