Preparing for Mothers Day!

Maria-Lauren's-mom-Dick-Clark-American Bandstand

My mom: Lillian Biro – Alberici (Stage name: Lee Richie)

Mothers inspire. Mothers teach. Mothers help. Moms are special and their children know why. A hug between a mother and child warms the soul. What’s special about your mom?

 My mom had her domestic ways but as you can see by her picture above, she had a glamorous side too. She was a sought-after singer around the Philadelphia area. In between singing engagements, she gave birth to nine children. Both mom (Lee Alberici) and dad (Al Alberici) raised us as vegetarians and made sure we all ate a natural diet and exercised daily. A few times a week, mom used a machine to grind and press juice from raw vegetables and created special candy made out of raw nuts and honey. On Easter, our baskets were filled with home-made delights. I loved her Coconut Cream Eggs the best!

 In the 60’s, mom appeared on American Bandstand as Lee Richie. I remember watching her singing on TV while fans cheered and danced. I was a young girl and seeing her like this was a curiosity. Was this the same mom who changed diapers and took care of us? Her performance took place before Dick Clark became the host. As I got a little older, I began watching Dick Clark charmingly host American Bandstand and I thought he was kind of cute! Little did I know I would be performing in several TV Specials for Dick Clark Productions when I became part of the Hollywood scene, myself.

 “If you want to stay young-looking, pick your parents very carefully.” ~ Dick Clark

Family has always been important to me and I was lucky to have a sister to join me in the Hollywood experience! My sister, Linda (Alberici) Eichberg and I wrote a book about our show biz journey called, Beyond Our Wildest Dreams. In our book, we describe our unusual family up-bringing and our entry into the world of entertainment where the Rat Pack ruled! It’s now selling on-line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and contains over 300 pictures and lots of stories about the “Stars!” Here’s a book excerpt about watching our mom transform from “housewife” to “entertainer”:


Alberici Sisters

Maria: Who inspired us to be entertainers? Our mom was our first inspiration. I loved hearing about the stars and their shows from my mom. I especially remember my mom going on and on about Sammy Davis Jr. and how he sang, danced and played musical instruments. My mom seemed amazed at how talented he was and how hard he worked during his performances. I knew my mom was not easily impressed by entertainers, so I made a mental note. I wanted to be an entertainer and hearing about Sammy let me know at a young age that I had to do more than just sing to gain the respect of an audience, I had to be able to wow them too.”

“When mom put on a sequined gown she looked like Cinderella. She’d be around the house and just be mom doing the housework and then she would put on what we called her ‘equipment.’ She had a waist cincher, it made your waistline about four inches smaller, like Mae West. She had elegant gowns, and these hairpieces that she sometimes put on; it was definitely a startling transformation.” ~ Beyond Our Wildest Dreams (Copyright)

Enjoy this book preview of Beyond Our Wildest Dreams.

My sister and I certainly learned glamour and practical values from our mom. Both my mom and dad taught us the value of family, hard work and a healthy lifestyle. Coming from a large family there was always lots of chores to do but this prepared us for the rigors of showbiz with the opportunity of singing and dancing on television and touring with celebrities like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. Great ideas originate in the muscles.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

During April, we celebrate Earth Day! Will you recycle, plant trees, grow vegetables…? Doing some gardening is good exercise too. It’s the little things that add up like taking your own bag to the grocery store. What are you doing to keep our “Earth Home” healthy? Don’t forget to keep your “Body Home” fit and healthy too!

It’s also time to prepare for Mothers Day! Take a few moments to remember how important your mom has been in your life and share this legacy with your children.

“I love you mommy.” These words are music to a mothers ears. Growing in Love (That’s What a Women Does), is a song which starts out with those precious words. A few years ago, my daughter, Marianna Riccio and I wrote Growing in Love and did a TV performance. Here’s a video clip to get you in the Mothers Day mood.

Download the entire song, Growing in Love.

Wishing my readers and my WONDERFUL MOM much love and happiness!

A special thank you to my family for your comments about our mom. I know some of you are very private people but I appreciate reading your sentiments and stories and participating in my Mothers Day blog party!

Maria Lauren, aka: Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio 

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15 thoughts on “Preparing for Mothers Day!

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  2. Mom, thank you for showing me what unconditional love is all about everyday… giving me loving guidance, and encouragement, and support for my goals. Mom, you are a positive influence in my life, an amazingly giving person who has joyfulness, humor and the hugest of hearts.

    I know the blessing I have to be thankful for on Mothers Day is having a healthy, loving and caring mother to be around and to celebrate it with…

    It is incredible what a mother gives and does for a child … if you times/multiply that by 9… it can only begin to tell you about our mother!!!

    Happy Mothers Day with love,

  3. To the Greatest and Sweetest Mom in the whole world!

    There is nothing more comforting than a Mother’s Love! Mom you are always there for us day or night with your warmth, understanding and encouragement. Let’s not forget how much you are always there to help us especially when we need it most. How do you always know?

    You always know what to do or say to make me smile. Your touch is like a precious gift, when I’m sick or achy you know just where to massage me to make it go away. Then you would comfort me with your caring words and say something like, “Better Days are Coming”. I always look forward to having a day off especially when I can spend it with you. When I see you, you always look so beautiful usually dressed in something we’ve bought together, and you always have a big smile on your face ready to go! I love to hear you sing to the Frank Sinatra station in my car especially when it’s a song you haven’t heard in years. You are my best friend and partner and somehow you always know how to find me a great “bargain” when we are shopping. If it happens to come up, because you might ask if there’s a “senior citizen discount”, no one can believe how old you are because you radiate such youth and spunk. You never complain even when I keep you out for hours and hours. I usually know you’ve had enough when you finally take a moment to sit down.

    You never get to sit, you are always doing something special for someone. You make your children feel special but also find ways to make strangers for special too. What a great example to us! You are always so complementary telling others how pretty they look or how lovely they sing. I was so honored and touched by my wonderful mother when we were at church on Easter. You were so friendly and warm when I saw you go up to the older person in the wheel chair to give them the sign of peace when you saw that there was no one else around. You brightened that persons day just like you do ours! I can’t wait to call you in the morning to get my Dr. Oz tip for the day or my joke of the day from you to get my day started. When I hear your voice first thing in the morning say hello, I am comforted and blessed knowing that you are up and feeling good.

    Mom, what would we do with out your love and thoughtful nurturing ways? You continue to make sacrafices for us and always add a special unique touch on everything you do or make. I always look forward to your little love note, “Heart, Mom”. Thank you for all that you do and for continuing Dad’s legacy in our lives.

    Happy Mother’s Day Mommy! Thank you for helping us to make our dreams come true and for filling our lives with so much love and happiness!

    Love your (9th) baby,

  4. Of all my mother-in-laws you are my favorite! For over 34 years I’ve been a part of your family (where has the time gone). Since the death of my mother you have been even more special to me. May God continue to bless you with good health so that we can enjoy all the wonderful things you do for all of us. You are the true meaning of unconditional love. I pray your Mothers Day will be filled with joy and love. Maria, Marianna and I will miss you very much.


  5. Mom always enjoys a good one liner….Here is a funny from Milton Berle: “If evolution truly exists how come Mothers still only have two arms.”

    Some more quotes that best describe our Mother…

    “A Mother’s love is the fuel that enables normal people to do the impossible.”
    “Mother is a verb, not a noun.”
    “The patience of a Mother is like a tube of toothpaste, it is never completely done.”
    “God could not be everywhere so he created Mothers.”

    I think mom would like this verse from church on Sunday: “Let us not love in word but in deed and truth.”

    Mom you are an inspiration, a real go-getter, a mover and a shaker, an inventor, philosopher, work horse, glamour girl, singer, chef, artist,and a tough act to follow!

    Definition of versatile….our Mom.

    Happy Mothers Day!

  6. Mom,

    You are an example of love in action! You never sit still, until you collapse. You give everything you have. I saw you “work from morning till night” all out of love. Thank you!

    I admire how you always take time to bless others by your special talents- sewing, singing, crafts, baking, and painting. Not to mention, your joke of the day. I am sometimes glad when you don’t answer the phone, so I can hear your seasonal singing message. You are blessed with so many gifts.

    It is wonderful how you try to think the best of others, and your “go with the flow” attitude. I pray I will pass on the same work ethic and generous light hearted spirit to my children.

    I love you mom. Happy Mother’s Day – June

  7. Mom – sweetest mom in all the world. Your sense of humor, energy, sacrificial love, glamor, work ethic, talent, creativity, integrity and good character make me want to grow up to be just like you. I love you. Your the best!!

  8. Mom says, “This Too Shall Pass…” and then I feel better. We go to garage sales, thrift stores and the mall and she knows the best deals. Sometimes when I’m with her I’m embarrassed how vivacious she is. She’s so corny and radiant.
    She teaches me everything about love.
    xo, Darlene

  9. Mom,
    Sweetest one in all the world…was I in your belly when you were on American Bandstand? This way I can tell people I was also on the show. I bet you probably were on during your 4 year hiatus of not having any kids in between me and June! I do remember you trying to fool me by putting your bathrobe over your stage clothes before you went out for a singing job. But I was too smart for that. Happy Mother’s Day!
    Love, Albe

  10. I can look high and low, from east to west, from the earth to the moon and I know without a single doubt I could never find two mothers as wonderful, lovely, caring, nurturing and special as the one who God chose to give birth to me and the one God chose to give me through marriage. Happy Mother’s Day to the two best there are!!!! Steve

  11. Mom’s incredible energy, caring ways, and love were always present. Although she divided herself between her brood of children and other endeavors we always knew where to find her! May God continue you to bless you Mom.
    With our deepest gratitude and love,
    Alane, Umberto and our boys/men

  12. Ms. Maria, (mom)
    you really are such a great writer. I had no idea you performed with Dick Clark. That’s really awesome. Grandmom looks so gorgeous here like a movie star. Family is always there when no one isn’t. God Bless, and Happy Mother’s Day (coming soon)

    • My precious daughter, Marianna… words cannot explain the depth of this mother’s love for you… always… xo
      I learned from the best… MY MOM! 😉
      May God bless our family with understanding, wisdom and the joy of love. 🙂
      “Mama” Maria

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