Twisted Sisters – Fitness Sisters



Maria Lauren & Linda Eichberg: ALBERICI SISTERS do the “Turkish Twist”-Yoga

Yes, we’re sisters and sometimes our strong wills/views get twisted (Ouch!) but other times our personal agendas link up in harmony! Balancing our energy with each other is always a challenge because we’re also business partners, co-authoring (Beyond Our Wildest Dreams) and entertaining audiences. Sharing the beauty of nature and breathing in the fresh air while walking/talking or doing some Yoga on the beach is our favorite way of hanging-out together!  Deep breathing helps to bring peaceful clarity… breathe in blessings; breathe out gratitude…

In some ways, my sister Linda and I are opposites but in some ways we are alike. Sometimes, my sister is the “Yin” to my “Yang” or vise-versa. We can go through a see-saw of emotions that is simply rhythmic or bombastic. We speak our mind and usually don’t pull any punches.  

Even before the heavy-metal band, Twisted Sister recorded, “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” we were taking a stand! It started as children when my sister and I shared a bed and she accused me of stealing the covers. (Sorry if I toss and turn while I’m sleeping, it wasn’t on purpose!) So, with one big swoop, my sister would yank them to her side of the bed! I’m sure if you have a sister, you have a few stories yourself!

Life is a gift which was made to share. My sister and I have shared the gift of life together. We were/are always there for each other. I guess that’s what I appreciate the most. Life is a journey and sometimes we get lost even when we have a map!

“The way is long – let us go together. The way is difficult – let us help each other. The way is joyful – let us share it. The way is ours alone – let us go in love.” ~ Joyce Hunter

One thing my sister, Linda Eichberg and I agree on is the benefit of a fitness routine in our daily activity. We feel so passionate about it that we teach a variety of fitness programs as certified instructors.

Here is how Linda keeps a balanced life with all its twists and turns:


Linda Eichberg’s Inspirational Story

“I have always had an active lifestyle. I danced and practiced Yoga for many years before I sustained neck and back injuries in a serious car accident . After a year of rehabilitation, I was still not able to return to doing the things I had been doing before. That’s when I discovered Pilates and how important core strength and muscle balance is. I had strong abdominal muscles but my back muscles were not equally as strong. Pilates builds a girdle of muscle around the entire mid-section, evenly balancing the muscles front, sides and back. I began focusing on proper body alignment and building up my “powerhouse” and soon attained the muscular support I needed for my skeletal system. I was able to return to doing Yoga, dancing and working out and made a full recovery. I have better back health now than I did 15 years ago and I am teaching Pilates.Just as muscle imbalance can lead to injury, imbalances in health are sometimes created when the mind and body are on two different paths. Being in the moment will keep your mind and body in sync. Lapses in memory, emotional, spiritual and physical health occurs when your mind wants to do something different from what your body does or vice versa. Examine, and acknowledge your problems truthfully and courageously. Take time to be still and listen to your heart. Deal with one thing at a time. I like to laugh and have fun as well as accomplish a wide variety of goals. My life is full, I have no room for mental and emotional ‘baggage’ but sometimes I need to release the stress caused by my own angry ego. Helpful healing tools I use are: journaling, prayer, connecting with loved ones, reading the Bible or spiritual books, listening to worship music and taking nature walks.

I make it a point to seek supernatural healing of emotional wounds before they can fester and harm my total well-being. We can’t escape being hurt by the actions of others but we can rise up strong and whole by forgiving everyone for everything. The body, mind and spirit are deeply connected. Any loss of spiritual equilibrium will affect your other parts. Personally, I find value in giving abundant grace and keeping a Christ centered mind. Explore what works for you and helps you open pathways in your mind for renewal and healing. When you are whole, you can pass on this wholeness on to everyone you come in contact with and that is a beautiful gift.

Be balanced, be fit, be blessed.” ~ Linda Eichberg, Alberici Sisters

Thank you for sharing, Linda. I’m sure your experiences will help our readers on their path to better well-being.

Linda and I are the oldest of nine sisters and brothers; we have great love for all of them. Each sibling is different but we are similar when it comes to being committed to health and fitness (something our parents taught us). Our sister, Darlene Cianci is also a certified fitness instructor and our sister June Kuz is certified dietician… etc…

If you have a sister or a close girlfriend take a moment to think about what you appreciate most about them and let them know… we would like to know your thoughts at Your Powerful LIFE too!

Yours in health and gratitude,

Maria Lauren, aka Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

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2 thoughts on “Twisted Sisters – Fitness Sisters

  1. My sister Maria mentions me in her latest blog. She’s has a very nurturing spirit. In fact, she knows my style and nudged me toward my path of teaching Yoga and Tai Chi. I love all of my sisters and yeah, my brothers are cool…and handsome too! Sisters and friends can help you be the best you can be, but sometimes a little friction is involved in the process. My 6 sisters & 2 brothers help to straighten me out at times. When we uplift each other it’s the best feeling. Always let the people that you care for know that you appreciate them. Love to all my sisters! Thanks for your encouragement! I haven’t forgotten that it was your idea I should audition for the Golddiggers and that you helped guide my efforts to make it all happen. The rest of that story is in your book 😉

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