The Power of Remembering: 9-11


Pepperdine University remembers those who lost their lives on 9-11

Each event has a feeling associated to it. This world has its disasters and hateful crimes, but what the heart remembers are the loving moments which are a source of comfort. When loved ones leave this world, they leave a part of themselves with us and that is the ‘power of remembering.’

September in Malibu, California brings some of the best weather for the beach. Also, in September at the corner of Malibu Canyon and Pacific Coast Highway, a massive vision of nearly 3,000 flags spreads over the campus of Pepperdine University. This beautiful display is a spectacular vision but sad, for each flag represents the nationality of each victim of the September 11, 2001 tragedy. Ryan Sawtelle and Chris Garcia are responsible for making this memorial become a reality in 2008.

As I ponder on the fragility of life, I know others are remembering too. Michael Kincade, a Facebook friend wrote a poem last year in memory of 9/11. With his permission, I have posted it here on my blog along with his insights.


By: Michael Kincade – NEVER FORGET September 11, 2001

When 9-11 happened, it was for me, like all of America a seminal moment in my life. The emotions that I felt that day were beyond description; horror, terror, anger, confusion, wanting to do something to help, but feeling helpless. Like many, that moment became a defining moment in my life. I decided on the 10th anniversary of this tragic day that I would write a poem. I wanted to both express my long pent-up feelings as best I could, while honoring those who lost their lives, their families, and the brave first responders whose image going into that building with courage and conviction is indelibly etched into my mind. I am committed to post my poem each year on the anniversary of this tragic event as my small contribution to ensure that we as a nation never forget.

9-11, a Tribute

 I have tried just counting sheep,

 For some reason I still can’t fall asleep.

 The Morning is coming fast,

 This night had quickly past.

 Awoke to that great coffee smell,

 Not expecting this day to witness hell.


 Suit, tie, shoes, and shirt,

 Then I heard the newsman blurt,

 “Another plane is coming around”,

 “My God, the World Trade Center is coming down”.

 There are pieces flying and terror all around,

 As these mighty buildings hit the ground

 Thick, black smoke has filled the Manhattan sky,

 How many people today will die?


 The sky has quickly begun to redden,

 Can this be the start of Armageddon?

 All the people filling the street,

 Some running fast upon their feet

 Brave Firefighters going back in, my heart skipped a beat,

 But never did those heroes think of retreat.


 Anger, fear, hate, emotions that day did I feel,

 Watching this take place was just all too surreal.

 God bless the brave first responders, the police dressed in blue,

 I was feeling so helpless, was there nothing that I could do?


 Nine years later the site is still hauntingly bare,

 Whenever will our tribute to the hero’s finally be there?

 Through war, depression, and rampant bad weather

 It seems our great country always pulls together.

 To the fallen, the very best tribute to each and all,

 Is to never let America grow weak and fall.

 The appropriate way to right this wrong,

 Is for each of us to ensure our Country remains strong.


 When I look back to reflect on it all,

 These problems I have, while real, seem amazingly small.

 But 9-11 should be for us all,

 A resounding American wake up call.

 Let each and every one of us, work to keep us strong,

 Work every day to help right the wrong.

 Pledge that we will come together, State by State,

 To honor all who died, to help keep America great.


Thank you, Michael, for your poem memorial.

When we reflect together on significant occasions that weigh on our hearts, we are like a family united. During the month of September, I also pause to remember the loss of my dad, Albert J. Alberici. He was a driving motivation and encouragement to me and my brothers and sisters. He taught his nine children the value of health, fitness, family and God. For that I am grateful. Love you, dad. His legacy lives on…

Remembering in love,

Maria Lauren – Your Powerful LIFE blog

(AKA: Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio)


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5 thoughts on “The Power of Remembering: 9-11

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  2. Michael & Maria, thank you for honoring those who lost their lives as a result of what happened on 9/11. This tribute is very heart-wrenching. Reading your poem, Michael, I was moved to tears as I remembered what I was doing and feeling on 9/11/01. The day of this tragedy is forever seared in my heart and mind. Moving past the sadness, I have hope that we, as a country, will learn from the past, build in the present and educate for the future.

    Maria, I too am very grateful for the values Dad instilled in our lives. Thanks, Dad! And thank you Maria for honoring him.

    Love, Linda

  3. Thank you Maria for allowing me the honor of having my poem as a part of your wonderful blog. Thank you also for playing a role in ensuring that we as a nation and world never forget the tragic loss of so many. We must also remember the true spirit of America that emerged from the depths of that tragic day. In the aftermath of such a horrific event, the spirit and resilience of America was unparalelled. Please let us never forget!

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