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Alberici Sisters kick-it-up with The Doctors of TV fame!

So far, November has been the month of ‘coming together’ as a family, a community, a nation. ‘Coming together’ around the Thanksgiving table, pulling our resources for a good cause or voting for our President is sharing in something bigger than ourselves. The giving and receiving is like inhaling and exhaling life.


At The Desert Woman’s Show, my sister Linda Eichberg and I, (Alberici Sisters) were busy-bees working all areas of the show: lecturing about fitness empowerment, YOU GOT THE POWER, performing Rat Pack songs and reminiscing times as The Dean Martin Golddiggers, signing our book, BEYOND OUR WILDEST DREAMS, and meeting other enthusiasts of health, entertainment, food and fashion. All of us ‘coming together’ to help a variety of charities. The weekend was packed with activities, friends and celebrities including Patti Gribow, Steve Apple and Michael Costello of the television hit, “Project Runway”…

THE DOCTORS: Pictured with my sister and I, is Dr. Andrew Ordon of the television series, “The Doctors” [Dr. Phil’s spin-off] and his partner, Dr. Ritu Chopra. Both doctors understand the benefits of botanical extracts for skin care and protection, as we do! We were pleased to meet them at the show and be given Dr. Ordon’s book, a seven-day guide to a better you, Better in 7.


THE SANDY RELIEF TELETHON: November also brought people ‘coming together’ in compassion to help those whose homes were washed away by Hurricane Sandy. The Sandy Relief Telethon gave those with power an opportunity to help those without power. Mega-stars Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, Jimmy Fallon, Steven Tyler, Bruce Springsteen, Whoopee Goldberg, Sting, Kevin Bacon and Christina Aquilera were some of the notables to contribute their talents.  The telethon also showed video footage of the wreckage, homeless victims looking in the debris for their keepsakes. “I want to go home but I have no home to go to….” Even in calamity, it is heart-warming to know our country unites in empathy. The human spirit is powerful and resilient.

As I watched the footage of the families who lost their homes, I felt a kinship as I remembered the time when the house I lived in with my parents, sisters and brothers burned-down. Luckily, a few family photographs survived, the edges were burned and the heat had dulled the images but we were grateful… no one in our family was hurt. Thank God.


ABRAHAM LINCOLN: It is a blessing to live in America, ‘coming together’ to vote. As I write this blog, I realize that freedom of self-expression is precious to me; something to be responsible for and respect. Freedom is worth fighting for and no one knew that more than Abraham Lincoln.

THE MOVIE: The newly-released movie, “Abraham Lincoln” directed by Steven Spielberg probes into the controversy and reasoning concerning the equality of every human during those political times.  President Lincoln is portrayed brilliantly by Daniel Day-Lewis as a deep-thinking, yet a sometimes humorous man; an ordinary, yet always extraordinary man. It is a must-see for historians with the costumes, sets and filming adding to the reality of that era but the dialogue ruled. The acting is top-notch with subtle characterization from Sally Field, David Strathairn and Tommy Lee-Jones.



If you would like to learn more about the Civil War period, be sure to check-out the book, “Lincoln & Davis” a dual biography by Augustin Stucker.



The glory days of showbiz during the groovy 70’s come to life! This book tells the backstage stories of legendary stars written by my sister Linda and I and documented by those who were there! 

Alberici Sisters book preview

BTW: This month is also my sister, Linda’s birthday! She is the blonde in the picture and getting better with age like a fine wine but I’m older so I guess I’m better! Hee, hee! (sister humor)

Hope your Holiday season is ‘coming together’ in love, peace and joy.

Many Blessings,

Maria Lauren (aka) Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

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