Dad’s Final Home Run


Albert Alberici – Father of nine children – Pioneer for healthy living

“I’m going to hit it over the fence,” my dad would often proclaim as he battered-up! A smile comes over me as I remember all of us children scurrying backwards into the outfield with our outfielder’s glove held high over our heads. My fathers target was always over and beyond any barrier put in his way.

Dad was energy in motion that soared over the obstacles in his lifetime. However that was not always the case.


“Al Alberici (our Dad): You have to be motivated to learn things in this world. And I sure was motivated.

I guess God put me in the position I was in, to motivate me to learn things so I could be able to help my family. He knew in the future I would have this big, large family. He knew it before I did.

I was brought up in a typical Italian family in South Philadelphia and, like everybody else, I only would eat what I liked which was mostly pasta. The food was put on the table and you ate whatever you liked. Because of that, unfortunately, I used to eat only the foods that tasted good, not what was good for me.

I guess I was thirteen or fourteen years old. I’d been sick, in and out of hospitals for a long time… When I came out of the hospital, I must have weighted a hundred pounds, I was very, very thin. In the next six months I got myself up to a hundred ninety pounds. I sent away for the Charles Atlas course, with exercises and food information. That was the beginning.” (Book excerpt, “Beyond Our Wildest Dreams,” registered copyright)


Eating ‘health foods’ was not a part of the social conscience back in the 40’s but my dad was convinced that this was the best way to live. Also in the 40’s, baseball was going through its own challenges.

The must-see movie, “42,” confronts the obstacles that faced Jackie Robinson, skillfully played by actor Chadwick Boseman and the executive who hired him, Branch Rickey, brilliantly played by Harrison Ford. Because of the strong wills of both Robinson and Rickey, the color barrier and baseball was changed forever.



Sadly, my dad is no longer with us on earth but my heart feels a warm peace knowing that his final home run soared over the fence and into the heavens. Through dads example of eating a natural diet, daily exercise and prayer, all his children and grandchildren still reach up towards heaven to catch the blessings and the love that continue to pour down on us.

May Fathers Day be a special time to appreciate your dad, your husband, your loved ones and the fond memories in your life,

Maria Lauren, Your Powerful LIFE blog

(aka) Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio


Alberici-Sisters-book--Beyond-Our-Wildest-DreamsBeyond Our Wildest Dreams, is the story of two sisters, Maria Lauren and Linda Eichberg (Alberici Sisters) and their journey into the world of entertainment while performing with legendary stars!

“Our life has been a whirlwind of surprises with many challenges, ups and downs, but my sister and I still kept plugging along and held on to each other and our family values. Yes, there was danger as well but our faith carried us through it all. We came form a resilient family and it all started with our parents, their struggles, an unusual upbringing, and our dad who almost didn’t survive long enough to bring us into the world.” (Book excerpt, “Beyond Our Wildest Dreams,” registered copyright)


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  3. I know Dad would be proud that you continue his legacy and that you share it with others! He planted the seed and you are growing his ideas. He would be so happy to see his children and the positive lifestyles they have chosen.
    Love, Mom

    • Mom, you and dad have always been faithful to your children so it’s only natural for us to cultivate the seeds with the tools that God gave us… each one of your children doing their part in their own unique and wonderful way. xo

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