Preparing for Christmas Everyday – God Blesses Our Messes

Preparing_for_ Christmas

Preparing for Christmas from my home to yours…

 This room is ready for Christmas but I can’t speak for the rest of my house!!!

Even, though our Christmas pictures are celebration of smiles, they hide a messy life. If you’re like me, I enjoy preparing our home with lights, decorations and delectable goodies for family and friends but cleaning up the mess is another story. Sometimes, I just hide the mess. Good luck finding anything in my garage because it’s a mess!

On the Sunday before Christmas, a young Deacon brilliantly delivered this message to the congregation. He reminded us that Jesus entered the world in scandal, born in a stable; it was a messy situation. In death, Christ was tortured and humiliated; it was a messy situation.

I know I’m a mess but I know God blesses my mess. May the Light of Christmas shine in your hearts and in your lives everyday.


“Your Powerful LIFE” – 2013 Top Three Posts

Last month, I wrote my 50th Post! Thank you for following me as I write about LIFE (Living, Inspiration, Fitness, Entertainment).

Top 3  Growing in Love, Growing in Health and Mothers Day pancakes! 


Mother and Daughter, Maria and Marianna

#3 – April 2013 post includes a delicious banana pancake recipe and other healthy tips, plus inspired Mothers Day gift ideas and a song that celebrates mothers and daughters.


Top 2 – Burlesque or Cabaret


Top left: Robin Hoctor, Deborah Pratt, Maria Lauren, Susan Buckner, Colleen Kincaid, Lee Nolting, Patti Gribow, Linda Eichberg

#2 – November 2010 post includes insights about the movie, “Burlesque” starring Christine Aquilera of “The Voice,” plus the history of Burlesque and Cabaret.


Top 1  Dean Martin’s Golddiggers live the dream! 

Maria Lauren with Dean Martin's Golddiggers

Dean Martin’s Golddiggers – Maria (Alberici) Lauren is kneeling left, clockwise are Robyn Whatley, Patti Gribow, Dean Martin, Joyce Garro, Linda (Alberici) Eichberg and Peggy Gohl.

#1 – April 2011 post includes a book excerpt from “Beyond Our Wildest Dreams” with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, The Golddiggers and the Alberici Sisters.


That’s your top three in 2013!

Thanks for following me!


Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year as you receive the gift of a renewed life.

Maria Lauren, (aka) Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

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“Beyond Our Wildest Dreams” book preview


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