Singin’ & Swingin’ – Upstairs at Vitello’s


Alberici Sisters: Maria Lauren and Linda Eichberg

May is the month for mothers, so I’m delighted to be in rehearsals singing and swinging with family, my sister, Linda and my daughter Marianna. We’ll be singing songs that were sung by divas Billy Holiday to Donna Summer. Put into the mix, the talented musicians of the LA Winds Jazz Band and I’m in jazz heaven!

Beyond-Our-Wildest-Dreams-bookWe’re pulling out some timeless vocal arrangements to give our audience a taste of classic Las Vegas and the “Showstoppers” who reigned on the Vegas strip.

It was a stroke of luck for my sister and I, (aka) the Alberici Sisters to perform with master entertainers like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and other showbiz legends. We even wrote a book about it, “Beyond Our Wildest Dreams” and we’ll be signing our book after the show.

It’s Rat Pack Sunday on June 1st, at the world-renowned Upstairs at Vitello’s, so join the party! We’re gonna live-it-up while keeping time-honored music alive and “live.”

About the Show  



Marianna Riccio – Vocalist – Host

The “Showstoppers” team is pleased to feature the versatile and dynamic singer Marianna Riccio, who is a frequent guest of “RnB Live!” 

What’s the club scene like in Las Vegas today?

Marianna Riccio knows…

“Lady Luck” Let your light shine! 


Rehearsals continue and it is a workout to sing while doing choreography, let me tell ya, but it’s also a time to play with great musicians and performers! Nice!!

Remember as part of “Your Powerful Life” to do what you love to do.

Feeling blessed to be singin’ and swingin’,

Maria Lauren, (aka) Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

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