Songs in the Key of Life and Love


Maria Lauren – Voice and Performing Coach

Music is a healer. Music sets a mood and brings on memories in our life that are associated to a song.

When I want to relax, I gravitate to inspiring works, entertainment and glam so I look forward to television shows that put the spotlight on these key elements. That includes TV specials, tributes to musical icons such as Stevie Wonder and award shows such as The Grammys.

Songs in the Key of Life


Stevie Wonder’s music is timeless!

The television special “Songs in the Key of Life” boasted a star-studded cast who gave stellar performances. The diversified talents ranged from Beyonce to Andrea Bocelli. A well-deserved tribute recipient, Stevie Wonder has written and sung an abundance of songs in his lifetime. Songs that have touched our lives. He was the first singer to do vocal riffs that became a  trend with vocalist.

During the late 70’s, I wore-out Stevie Wonder’s album, “Songs in the Key of Life.” It is a gem of music and songs that becomes more valuable as time goes on. Stevie Wonder has always been a gracious ambassador of music, the universal language. Even during this telecast, Stevie Wonder’s insightful words are profound:

“… I thank you…I love you, first of all because the God that I serve says that we should love everyone. I also love you because it feels better to love than to hate. And I believe that if we can just come together because we must come together because we are at a spiritual warfare… I encourage the song writers, all of us are song writers, to write songs about love, to inspire and encourage our family, encourage our family as people in the media and press, everywhere, to inspire, inspire this world, inspire this planet… Let’s make the impossible, so very possible by loving. Love is the key…”

Stevie Wonder Tribute – My YouTube Playlist – Celebrities, Awards, Tony Bennett, Inspired Words…

The Grammys

Everything that’s old is new again. Annie Lennox, Tony Bennett and Tom Jones perform with the pop stars of today at the Grammys. I was delighted to see Mr. Bennett and Ms. Lennox also perform at the Stevie Wonder tribute. Their voices are timeless.

Sam Smith ran away with most of the awards but I was happy (pun intended) when Pharrel Williams song, “Happy” was picked for Best Music Video and Best Pop Solo Performance. This song always puts a smile on my face. During his performance of “Happy,” I wondered why he was dressed like a Bell Hop, a uniform of service. Was it symbolic? At the end of the song, he gestured with his hands up to heaven as if to say, ‘Praise God for I am at your service.’ After all, entertainers are in the business of serving so why not serve a higher cause.


While I’m on the subject of Pharrel Williams, what about the “Blurred Lines” controversy? I am a firm believer that the melody and the lyrics make up a song. The musical arrangement is another copyright. The musical arranger could be compared to an interior decorator who accessorizes. Something to think about…

Another controversy has been Kanye West’s stunt again this year at the Grammys. Really?? The producers have a big show to put on and that is more important than any individual changing the show format to fit his needs. Kanye’s actions does not bring value to the music.


This month, the television series, “Glee,” aired its last shows. Although the story lines were mostly trivial but sometimes thought-provoking, I am going to miss the colorful array of music and the spontaneous bursting into songs that gave me glee. 😉

Amazing Grace

Stevie Wonder does not see this world but he sees with an inner vision of grace. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to put on glasses where we can see the world in love and act accordingly? For that, we need amazing grace.

Amazing Grace, poem by John Newton

“Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, who saved a wretch like me.

I once was lost but now I’m found , was blind but now I see.”

Wishing you a song in your heart and the renewal of the season,

Maria Lauren, aka, Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

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4 thoughts on “Songs in the Key of Life and Love

  1. Love is key. Passion is key. And music is the universal language. That is why Mr. Wonder wonderfully exudes his musical talent. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and his eyes only see the love of music, great timeless music that has touched the world and fellow artists.

  2. Thank you, Maria. It’s true! As you have so artfully pointed out, writers & entertainers like Stevie Wonder, John, Newton and Andrea Bocelli have done so much to infuse the message of LOVE into this world and make it a more beautiful place. I gratefully salute them along with you.

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