Hula Hoop – Exercise fun!


Exercising with a Hula Hoop is fun for everyone!

Want a slim waist? A weighted hoop can rev-up your cardiovascular system so you lose inches around your waist and tone your tummy, even your hips, buttock and thighs.

As a child, I had lots of fun playing with a hula hoop. It was a hip thing to do! My parents encouraged all my siblings (eight brothers and sisters) to master the technique as it was economical and got us to exercise. This is a little different than today’s constricted physical activity of using a cell phone and a computer. Don’t you think we need to find the fun in moving our bodies more? 

Decades have passed since I first used a hula hoop but during the last decade, I have graduated to the fitness benefits of a weighted hoop. Aging usually brings with it a loss bone and muscle density but weight-bearing exercises increase muscle and bone strength. I find the best time to use my weighted “Sports Hoop” is in the morning before breakfast. It gets my body going, my heart and lungs working aerobically and my digestion ready for my first meal of the day.

The repetitive and rhythmic motion of the hoop along with deep breathing is meditative to me. Especially when I exercise outside in the fresh air in the midst of natures splendor. This is an inspirational setting  for me to hum or sing praise songs to the Lord. My sister Linda also enjoys using the “Sports Hoop” when she watches television, a good break from sitting. I am grateful to share my passion for being fit with my sister and my daughter, Marianna. Exercise is more fun when you share it with a special someone.

I do a variety of exercise movements using the “Sports Hoop” and I share some on my YouTube…  

Fitness can be fun!

When I first used the weighted Hula Hoop, I took cautionary measures. I wore heavy clothing around my mid-section, where the “Sports Hoop” moves in momentum, because I bruise easily. This protected me, so no bruising only fitness benefits!


In the past, health and fitness has been a big part of my life.

The world of entertainment has been a big part of my life too and I consider myself lucky to have been raised with healthy living habits.

Healthy values saw me through the rigors of showbiz as I performed with celebrities like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. I even co-authored a book about it called, Beyond Our Wildest Dreams.


In the present, health and fitness is a big part of my life.

thrive_kaiser_permanenteThese days, you may see me on-site at Kaiser Permanente teaching fitness classes to activate lifestyle changes for our members. I am delighted to be a part of the Health Education Team’s Mission to “Inspire People, Inform Choices and Improve Health.” Some of the classes that I instruct are Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi or Dance Exercise at our Panorama City, Santa Clarita or Mission Hills locations. 

On occasion, my fellow employees and I have enjoyed exercising with hula hoops during our lunch break as a part of “Move It Monday!”


For more tips about exercise and nutrition, I invite you to view my other posts in the categories of “Fitness” and “Healthy Living.”

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5 thoughts on “Hula Hoop – Exercise fun!

  1. Ok Maria, I’m being pretty good at keeping flexible. I’ve never mastered the hula hoop. It does look fun. Maybe I’ll start with dancing the hula.
    I hope you’re doing well . Dennis and I are. There are so many talented and kind people living in our area.
    We went to ‘Jazz Alley’ in January and saw Judy Collins . We’ve seen Jane Monheit there a couple times as well.
    You and your sister and daughter’s talent would fit in up here.
    We also saw ‘La La Land recently. It was fun to recognize Los Angeles landmarks. We don’t miss that 105 freeway pictured at the start of the movie.
    Take care
    Laura Klain

    • Laura, it’s so good to connect with you. I’m glad that you and Dennis are doing well and it seems like you are meeting wonderful people at your new location.
      My fitness classes give me a sense of joy but I miss you guys! Hope you and hubby remember some of the fitness moves that I taught you.
      God bless you both in health and happiness,

    • Hi, Laura! So glad to hear from you and know you both are doing well, keeping flexible and keeping music in your lives. ‘La La Land’ was one of my favorite movies but I think I liked ‘Beauty and the Beast’ even more! Hope our paths cross again. God bless.

  2. Good advice! I love my weighted hula hoop and use it first thing in the morning for a few minutes outside in the fresh air. I use it again at night while I’m watching TV. I also invented some exercises doing leg extensions and sit ups with it.

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