Be Confident, Be Inspired, Be Yourself!


Certified Fitness instructors, Marianna Riccio and Maria Lauren find Ladies Leisure Activewear favorites at the BeUp show room during the Active Collective Show in Huntington Beach, CA.


What you wear speaks volumes about who you are!

For this reason, costume designers are hired to dress the characters in a movie, television or theatrical show. The characters have to look the part that they are dramatizing so we, the audience, can follow their story more easily.


  • What is your story and how do you want to be perceived?
  • Does what you wear help you to be more confident, be inspired, be yourself?

My Answers:

I live an active lifestyle as a Practitioner/Motivator for the Healthy Living Center at Kaiser Permanente where I teach exercise classes. Also close to my heart are my activities as a wife, mom and entertainer. To BE CONFIDENT, I want to look professional and feel good about what I am wearing while portraying the important roles that I am living in my life.

I also want to feel comfortable because when I feel comfortable it affects my demeanor to BE INSPIRED. This makes it easier for me to engage people so I can in return, inspire and motivate them.

BE YOURSELF. Well, be my best self, thank you! I need to be ready for a variety of activity in my daily life whether it is teaching an exercise class, taking a business meeting, sitting at the computer, meeting friends, going shopping, going to band rehearsal, running errands or having fun! Exclamation Point is on the having fun… yes, please!

You see, my life is mostly on the go and I stretch myself to my limits. The Beup leisure/activewear with its comfortable fit and breathable fabric is soft to the touch and holds its shape while I move in style.



There is no generation gap when it comes to fitness. Mom and daughter, Maria Lauren and Marianna Riccio make exercise a priority.


Check out BeUp Active Lifestyle Apparel that can make you shine in a positive way. You’ll have fun looking at the colorful designs and classic looks. Please join me in living the company’s tag line, ‘Be Confident, Be Inspired, Be Yourself… Be Up!



Last thoughts:

Being on the move is a part of life and feeling good while you do it puts you on a favorable road but don’t forget to find some relaxation time too. Keeping life in balance is important and always a challenge!


Maria Lauren, a.k.a. Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

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