Healing, Spirituality and Joy



Serving as a Healthy Living Facilitator at Kaiser Permanente gives me the opportunity to teach exercise classes that are not only a workout but a ‘play-out.’ Laughter is welcome and the unity of body, mind and spirit is encouraged.


Now more than ever it is important to be sensitive to cultural and religious beliefs. Health professionals at Kaiser Permanente make this an important focus when caring for their patients.



Dr. Christina Puchalski, founder and director of The George Washington Institution for Spirituality and Health, has created a template, FICA, to assist physicians in asking patients about their spiritual history and to learn what helps them cope.



F—Faith and Belief:

  • Do you consider yourself spiritual or religious?
  • Do you have spiritual beliefs that help you cope with stress?
  • What gives your life meaning?




  • What importance does your faith or belief have in your life?
  • Have your beliefs influenced how you take care of yourself in this illness?
  • What role do your beliefs play in regaining your health?




  • Are you part of a spiritual or religious community?
  • Is this of support to you and how?
  • Is there a group of people you love or who are important to you? [Community such as churches, temples, and mosques, or a group of like-minded friends can serve as strong support systems for some patients.]



A—Address in Care:

  • How would you like me, your healthcare provider, to address these issues in your healthcare?



 National Doctors Day

Healthcare providers, especially doctors are important to your quality of life. National Doctors Day is March 30th, the annual day to appreciate your physician.




With respect, it’s always good to remember that the spirituality of each person is valuable to their well-being. I must say that nurturing the spiritual aspects of my faith has been my saving grace. My personal beliefs give me strength to heal myself so I am better able to help heal others.




Easter Reflection

This Easter holiday was a time for reflection and a reminder for me to live in joy and be a light to the world.

“Commit to erasing negativity from your speech and thoughts. Be a positive person because of Jesus.” – Father Thomas J. Connery




May you experience your personal spiritual journey of inner joy.


Maria Lauren, A.K.A. Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

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