Take a wellness break and renew your power!


Renew your power with a wellness break at your corporation with Maria Lauren.

A corporate wellness program is a win/win for your employees and your organization.

  • Enhances productivity and performance
  • Lowers health care costs
  • Improves morale and corporate image
  • Reduces absenteeism

It does my heart good to see our workforce transform their whole being into positive energy after a half hour wellness/fitness program during their lunch break.

The Renew Your Power program consists of a mind/body fusion of YGTP: Yoga, Groove, Tai Chi, Pilates. You Got The Power!

I invite you to become part of our Renew Your Power community and subscribe to monthly healthy living videos and information. Just go to the Renew Your Power website.

Do you need to Renew Your Power at your workplace?

Yours in wellness,

Maria Lauren,

aka Maria Elena Alberici

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Maria-Lauren-Alberici-Riccio-motivation-entertainer-fitness-You-Got-The-PowerYour Powerful LIFE blog is about Living, Inspiration, Fitness, Entertainment…. 

It is produced in my own time and solely reflects my personal opinions. Statements on this site do not represent the views or policies of my employer, past or present, or any other organization with which I may be affiliated.

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