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The Golddiggers of Rat Pack fame – Alberici Sisters: Maria Lauren & Linda Eichberg

Fox TV recently called the Alberici Sisters:

“Glamour gals from the Rat Pack days… grooviest girls of all time!” 

Alberici Sisters, Maria Lauren and Linda Eichberg are entertainers who boast a command performance for the Royal Family of Monaco and also entertained as The Golddiggers in Las Vegas and on television as regulars on The Dean Martin Comedy HourDean Martin TV Specials, The Tonight Show, Wacky World of Jonathan Winters Show, Mike Douglas Show and were the opening act for the 1977 Rat Pack tour with Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra.

The Alberici Sisters are the youngest generation of singers around today who toured with The Rat Pack and the musical link to the greatest entertainers of the 20th Century!

In addition to working with “Ol’ Blue Eyes” and “Ol’ Red Eyes”, the Alberci Sisters entertained on the same bill with stars of TV, movies and Vegas including Jay Leno, Joan Rivers,  Bobby Vinton, Steve & Eydie, Joey Bishop, Ronald Reagan, Dionne Warwick, Petula Clark, Milton Berle, Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle, Bill Cosby, Glenn Ford, Donny & Marie Osmond…


The Alberici Sisters – Entertainers, Motivators and Authors!



Be transported in time!

The Alberici Sisters, who performed with the real Rat Pack, entertain with the style of this iconic era.  A fun theme for the audience to dress-up with the swag of the Rat Pack and the glam of The Golddiggers!


“Rat Pack Golddiggers” – Alberici Sisters

Be entertained and dance to the swinging sounds of Big Band Vegas as the Alberici Sisters perform with glittering style and vocal expertise. The Alberici Sisters reminisce on times performing with SHOWSTOPPERS a musical tribute to showbiz legends!

The Alberici Sisters are currently singing and dancing with the LA Winds Jazz Band (aka) Pierce Jazz Band. Performance sold-out at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, Scherr Forum Theater and Upstairs at Vitello’s!


Alberici Sisters – Entertainers

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“YOU GOT THE POWER: Be Positive, Be Fit” – Alberici Sisters

The Alberici Sisters, Maria Lauren and Linda Eichberg have collectively or individually made numerous TV appearances including LARRY KING LIVE and the JACK LALANNE SHOW. They represent fitness as certified experts at award-winning wellness institutions such as KAISER PERMANENTE and CALIFORNIA HEALTH & LONGEVITY INSTITUTE and have won national fitness awards.

Lecture Preview




“Beyond Our Wildest Dreams” – Alberici Sisters

 “Beyond Our Wildest Dreams” is co-authored by the Alberici Sisters which tells the inside stories about the Icons of the 20th Century containing countless interviews and over 300 pictures.  Selling on-line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Great Reviews! 

Book Preview




“DELIGHTFUL ALBERICI SISTERS ARE SHOWSTOPPERS ANYWHERE …together they are loaded with talent.”–  Gen Tully, Philadelphia newspaper

 “This SENSATIONAL duo formerly of the famed “Golddiggers”, have pooled their talents to feature an ENTERTAINING  fusion of song and dance bringing you a show that’s HIGH-POWERED…” – Vegas Visitor, Las Vegas newspaper

“Fresh off gigs in Vegas and other showbiz venues, they bring a cabaret feeling with costume changes, audience participation, solos, dance moves and special stories about the stars with whom they’ve appeared. MEMORIES COME ALIVE…”Globe – New York Club newspaper

“The Showstoppers proved to be just what their name implies… a picture of old Hollywood and television in their variety show of songs, dance and humor. SHOWSTOPPERS LIVE UP TO ACTS NAME”– Wickenburg Sun, Arizona newspaper

“Alberici Sisters…AMONG THE PREMIER OPENING ACTS around today… The Alberici’s have been offering valid proof of why they’re held in such lofty esteem…” – Sonny Schwartz , The Press, Atlantic City

… glittering performance of a PERFECTION THAT IS UNDENIABLE… they create a sound as smooth as silk.”  – Straits Times, Singapore newspaper

“One look at these girls, and you’d think you were back in time… Wonderful to see how much TALENT AND ENERGY each lady has… It was a great time… The show ended with thunderous applause in a packed house.” – Neil Daniels, Dean Martin Fan Center magazine


“You Got The Power…INSPIRES THE AUDIENCE to participate in practical techniques for health, healing and fitness that will recharge your life!” – Strictly Speakers, Patti Gribow, Executive Director and CEO

“Tips from the ‘Fitness Sisters’ to LOOK AND FEEL BETTER!” – Desert Woman’s Show

“Besides being fitness practitioners, the sisters live VIGOROUS LIVES as they travel on their book tour doing television and radio appearances. Seeking balanced lives is always their first priority.” – Calabasas Times, Los Angeles magazine


“Beyond Our Wildest Dreams provides a BACKSTAGE PASS at entertainment life in the 1970s, with great stories about Maria and Linda’s work with such legends as Louis Prima, Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, Jerry Vale, Jonathan Winters, Sammy Davis Jr., Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Frank Sinatra and, of course, Dean Martin. Then again…  TO MOST OF US, THEY’RE LEGENDS. TO THE ALBERICI SISTERS, THEY’RE PEOPLE. And that’s the way you’ll see them, too, by the time you finish their book.”
– Ed Robertson, Host TV CONFIDENTIAL

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