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MARIA LAUREN – Fitness Champion & Entertainer

2021 – 2009

~ Quarantine Anxiety, Exercise and Health – Stress relief and fun

~ Why Exercise? – Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and Dance

~ Take a wellness break and renew your power! – corporate fitness and wellness

~ Fire Destruction – Spring Renewal – Hiking in the Santa Monica mountains

~ It’s okay to be abusive because… – no good excuses that are used for abuse

~ Are you going around in circles? – Yoga, How to do The Wheel, Stress relief

~ Where do you find God? – Pray, Gratitude, Humility

~ Play-out vs. Workout – Breathing meditation, Variety to fitness and life

Gal Pals, Sisters and Girlfriends – Friendships, The Dean Martin Golddiggers

Yoga and Tai Chi to release stress and increase health – Well-being, Self-awareness

Did you know? Surprising health benefits of doing Yoga! – Relaxation, Balance and much more…

~ Add Yoga to your Fitness Routine – Descriptions for the different styles of Yoga

~ Renewal – My Dance with the Lord – God, Abundant Life, Purpose

Essential Life Questions – Connections past and present

~ Thriving – Fitness, Work and Play

~ New Year – New Beginnings – No Resolutions! – Prayer, Accepting Blissful Connection

~ How I made Healthy Living a Career – Family, Woman’s Body Building

~ Motivational Interviewing for Positive Change – Communication, Collaboration

~ Powerful Brain Surgery without a Knife – 21 Day Brain Detox, Control Thoughts

~ You Got The Power – Business Power, Survival

~ Smokin’ – Dean Martin and The Golddiggers, Freedom from Tobacco

~ Freedom – Family, Dad, Inspiration, Tough Love, Prayer

~ Dance to the Music of Grace – Gypsy Awards, Dance, Alberici Sisters

~ Psalm – Song of Praise – Original song, Singing, Music of the Soul

~ Connections – Healthy Living, work, family, fitness

~ Revealed! The Christian views on divorce, abuse in marriage and renewal – Biblical divorce, The storms of Life

~ Help! I can’t find the Spirit of Christmas – Christmas, difficulties, Jesus, best gift

~ The Gift – Thanksgiving, a hug, ‘Relax-n-Renew’

~ Powerful People, Powerful Relationships – Keep Your Love On, book

~ Living in the Present – Inspiration, Rocky Balboa, Sylvester Stallone

~ How to make Rainbows in your Life thru Meditation, Insights and Healing Foods!  – Inspirational Quotes and Music etc.

~ Relax! Renew! Heal! – Broken, Well-being, Relax-n-Renew

 ~ Quotes: Seven Day Inspiration Vacation – Inspirational quotes for meditation

~ Meditate on this! Fly! – Meditation quotes for freedom

~ Let It Be… – Relationships, Songs, The Beatles, Prince

~ Healing, Spirituality and Joy – Spirituality and Health, Inspiration

~ Are you slowly being murdered? – Verbal Abuse, Depression, Helpful information and links

~ Be Confident, Be Inspired, Be Yourself! – Be Fit Active Lifestyle Apparel, Marianna Riccio and Maria Lauren

~ What do the famous say about Christmas? What do you say… more or less? – Inspiring Quotes and Reflections about Christmas

~ Lady Luck Steps into Las Vegas  Lady Luck music video starring Marianna Riccio and featuring the Alberici Sisters

~ The Secret behind why I blog about Your Powerful Life/The Scary Truth! – You Got The Power, POWER blogging

~ Beach Yoga & Pope Wisdom – Yoga at the beach, Inspired Quotes, Wisdom of Pope Francis

~ Pomegranate jam and sweet escapes – Sugarless Pomegranate Jam, Cultural Tour of Turkey

~ Confederate Flag Debate – American Pride – Historical facts, Confederate battle flag, Lincoln & Davis

~ Lighten-up June Gloom! – Relax, Meditate, Stretch, Dolphins

~ Dancing With The Stars 2015 Finalists – Questions – DWTS Season Highlights

~ Hula Hoop – Exercise fun! – Hula Hoop fitness ideas, Healthy Lifestyle

~ Songs in the Key of Life and Love – Stevie Wonder tribute, The Grammys, Inspiration

~ Keep on Hoping – The Oscars – Academy Award nominations, Movies, True Stories, Hope

~ Reach up, Hang on, Let go! – Healthy Living, Recipes, Inspiration, Pole Fitness, Marianna Riccio

~ Holiday Gifts Everyday – Inspiration, Irving Berlin, Marianna Riccio

~ Dancing With The Stars, family, friends for health! – Learn disco, Carlton dance, reduce dementia

~ The Comfort Tree, meditation – Relax-n-Renew, Breathe deeply

~ Going with the Flow – Changing, Ocean waves, Malibu, Zuma Beach, Renewal, Yoga

~ “Perfect” – A new mom’s story, Down Syndrome, Summer frozen recipe

~ “Jersey Boys” – Philly Girls – Jersey Boys movie, Alberici Sisters, Beyond Our Wildest Dreams book excerpts

~ How to get a Thin Waist but Keep Your Curves – Marianna Riccio, Daily Fitness Routine

Singin’ & Swingin’ – Upstairs at Vitello’s – Alberici Sisters, LA Winds Jazz Band, Marianna Riccio

~ Renewal! Earth Day and You! – The Power of Greens, Campi Verdi, Marco Degli-Esposti, Powerful Life

~ “Lady Luck” let your light shine!  March 2014 – Vegas song, Marianna Riccio, Dancing With The Stars,  Amy Purdy

Monuments Men – Olympics – International Treasures – The Monuments Men, Movie, Olympic Ice Dancing Gold Medalists

~ Powerful Support To Overcome Fears – Cancer survivor Heather Von St. James, “Wonder Spice” Turmeric

~ Preparing for Christmas Everyday – God Blesses Our Messes – Christmas Inspiration Everyday, My 2013 Top Three Posts

~ Thanksgiving + Forgiving = Love – Thanksgiving Day, Inspiration, Holidays, Alberici Sisters

Dance Party! – Movie: Last Vegas, LMFAO, Dance Exercise, The Dean Martin Golddiggers Reunion

~ Marc Anthony’s performance gives a Rat Pack vibe at the Nokia! – Marc Anthony, Nokia Theatre, The Emmy’s

~   – Deep Breathing Meditation, Yoga exercise, Bible reflections

 – Benefits of Tai Chi, Kaiser Permanente, the beach

~ Fireworks and Music Spectacular! – LA Winds Orchestra, Jazz Band, Maria Lauren and daughter, Marianna Riccio

~ Dad’s Final Home Run – Motivation, Fathers Day, “42,” movie, Jackie Robinson

~ Growing in Love, Growing in Health and Mothers Day pancakes! – Healthy banana pancake recipe, Mothers Day gifts

~  – Exercise, Joe Weider, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Power 

~ Streisand – Excellence – The Oscars – About Barbra Streisand, Academy Awards, The Grammy’s

~ Silver Linings & Beyond – Philadelphia, The Silver Linings Playbook, movie, Family, Alberici Sisters

~ The Artist’s Heart: Castles, Life, Les Miserables – Finding the light in the darkness, Your inner child

~ Coming Together – Celebrities, Charity, Freedom, Lincoln

~ Women Empowerment – You Got The Power: Be Positive, Be Fit! – Alberici Sisters Lecture at the Desert Woman’s Show

~ The Power of Remembering: 9-11 – “9-11” poem, Remembering loved ones

~ The Health of Music – LA Pierce Big Band (aka) LA Winds Jazz Band, Alberici Sisters)

When life gives you lemons… squeeze it into an Olympic moment! – Lemon Marmalade Recipe, 2012 Olympic highlights, Inspiration

~ Twisted Sisters – Fitness Sisters – Alberici Sisters share their healthy lifestyle practices and sister experiences

Dad’s Motivation; Weight of the Nation – Fathers Day, Memorial Day, Preventing Obesity on HBO, Dancing with the Stars

~ Preparing for Mothers Day! – Appreciating mom, Dick Clark

~ Nutrition & Family Recipes – Non-gluten Walnut Cake Recipe, healthy eating

~ Women can be “Transformers” – Alberici Sisters, The Hollywood Show; “Transformers” movie; Benefits of Ikaria honey

Beyond Our Wildest Dreams: Present & Past – Alberici Sisters book, Rat Pack legacy, Jamie Foxx 

~ Life Reflections & Christmas Thoughts – Quotes for living by Maria Lauren (aka) Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

~ Betty White: “Golden Girl” inspires “Golddigger” – A sense of humor endures, former Dean Martin Golddiggers

~ Alberici Sisters: Still Living the Dream – Balance a busy lifestyle, Alberici Sisters

~ Beyond Our Wildest Dreams (70′s Pop-culture book: Biography) – Our book synopsis, Selling on-line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

~ Keeping my Eyes on the Prize – Motivation and inspiration of a team

~ The Faces of LoVE – Foundation that cares for South African orphans with AIDS; Supporters and traveler’s updates

Beyond Dreams into Reality  – New book – How my sister and I accomplished our dreams

~ A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Hollywood – Express the music of you!

~ Dean Martin’s Golddiggers live the dream! – Upcoming book, Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

~ What is a Family? – My 25 answers took less than 25 minutes to write but my whole life to find out!

~ No Man is an Island – Growing in Vision… Growing in Health… Growing in Love  

~ Prescription for Health: Exercise – You can look and feel better in 15 minutes

~ What’s next for Larry King? – My experience on Larry King Live, Marianna Riccio

~ Burlesque or Cabaret – Insights about the movie, Burlesque, The Golddiggers

~ “Glee-licious”  – Television hit, Glee, the cast, Marianna Riccio

~ Breathe and Sing! – Singing is good for your health!

~ Happy Hour! – “Movin-n-groovin” into fitness!

~ To Your Health Kaiser Permanente hosts “Fit Festival”

~ Three Generations of Women – Father’s Day – Family values  

~ Up Close: Dancing with the Stars – TV cast party

~ Preparing for Mother’s Day: Growing in Love – Unconditional love 

~ More Precious than Gold – What are the former Dean Martin Golddiggers doing today?

~ Olympic Family Values – Keeping up with our children

~ A Powerful life with Jack LaLanne – Alberici Sisters, Meeting the “Godfather of Fitness

~ Recipe for the Holidays: Relax-n-Renew – Stress relief

~ Thanksgiving: Work, Family, God …  – Living in gratitude

~ Change: Transition at Kaiser Permanente – Spreading the message of fitness


Maria Lauren (AKA: Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio) is currently on-staff at Kaiser Permanente as a Lifestyle Educator and Fitness Promoter.

Maria Lauren and her sister, Linda Eichberg (Alberici Sisters) are authors of the book, ‘Beyond Our Wildest Dreams’ and make personal appearances as entertainers and motivational speakers.



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