Why exercise?

Why exercise?

Exercise is the closest thing I know to the ‘Fountain of Youth!’ Here is a little about the buffet of exercise classes that I offer…

Maria Lauren, aka MariaElena Alberici is a fitness and entertainment professional.

About exercise…

Specific exercises can help you handle STRESS and CHALLENGES, become STRONGER, more FLEXIBLE and achieve a better QUALITY OF LIFE.

My classes are experiences of self-discovery, self-awareness, and fun! We work out, play out, and work within to develop well-being.

Check out my HEALTHY LIVING BUFFET of exercises. As your personal fitness chef, I’ll cook up a plate of international fitness variations for your delight!



“He shall set me up upon a rock.” – Psalms 27: 5

In my YOGA classes, you’ll practice deep breathing, stretches, and postures to feel stronger, more flexible, and more relaxed in an awareness of your body, mind, and spirit in unity and balance. 

Breathe the breath of life as you bring into your being your spiritual beliefs.

In my PILATES classes, you’ll strengthen and stretch your total body, especially your core: back, abdominals, buttock, and thighs for a lean look. We use ‘exercise bands’ to add resistance training to increase your muscle strength and bone density.

In my TAI CHI FITNESS classes, you’ll focus on aligning healing energy (Chi) through slow movements and breathing techniques that give an aerobic effect for better heart health and stress relief. Qigong and other exercise techniques are also performed to increase your balance, flexibility, muscle, and bone strength.

In my DANCE GROOVE classes, you’ll have fun ‘movin’-n-groovin’ with Latin and international dance rhythms including an introduction to Zumba for better cardiovascular health that will help your body to burn fat. Specific exercises are added to the mix to improve your body strength and agility for your balanced fitness. (Flexible/athletic shoes are recommended to wear in class.)



Maria Lauren is currently on-staff as a Healthy Living Educator/Motivator at Kaiser Permanente and Corporations in the Los Angeles area.

Play with me!

My rich experience in fitness and continued education provides me with the tools to renew you. Seeing my clients achieve better well-being does my heart good and my body too!

Be well,

Maria Lauren, aka MariaElena Alberici

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