Dance to the Music of Grace

Life may have you dancing to an assortment of music and rhythms. I’m a fan of variety but in abundance, it can get confusing and overwhelming. Sometimes, I find myself bouncing off the walls because I’m moving too fast or half awake. Ouch!

My dance training reminds me that spinning and balancing needs a spot of focus. I’m happy to say, I’ve found my focus spot but more about that later.

Now, speaking of dancing news…


PDS 30th Annual Gypsy Awards – Carol Channing – Lee Hale – The Golddiggers – Alberici Sisters

I recently had the pleasure of doing a little song and dance with some of my fellow performers from The Golddiggers of The Dean Martin TV  Show at the PDS 30th Annual Gypsy Awards in Beverly Hills. It was heart warming to celebrate our Producer/Editor/Musical Director, Lee Hale, as he received a prestigious award for his contribution to the entertainment industry. Also honored were Carol Channing, Mandy Moore, choreographer of the movie, “La La Land,” with featured appearances from Dick Van Dyke, Lily Tomlin, Joe Tremaine, Nigel Lithgoe and many more. I must say it was a wonderful show and a gratifying experience to share this event with my sister, Linda Alberici – Eichberg and our “Golddigger Sisters.”

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My sister and I, Move-n-Groove with a “Happy Hour” of exercise!

Now, back to my focus spot…

When life has me going in multiple directions, that’s a cue for me to pause and pray, ‘Dear Lord, let me hear Your music, steady me in grace as I focus on You.’ 

“My grace is sufficient for you.” – 2 Corinthians 12:9


Move-n-Groove in grace,

Maria Lauren, AKA Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

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Dancing With The Stars 2015 Finalist – Questions


Dancing With The Stars on ABC-TV

A big thank you to Dancing With The Stars for another entertaining and beautiful television season of dance. The competition seems to get more fierce and spectacular as we are given the opportunity to vote for our favorite stars and their dancing ability. However, besides their celebrity status, we get caught up in their personality and their story. Does that mean that the dancing is not as important as what captures our heart or inspires us?

DANCING WITH THE STARS - NOAH GALLOWAY AND SHARNA BURGESS - The 10th anniversary celebrity cast of

Noah and Sharna (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Among the three finalist, leading the pack in the inspirational department is Noah Galloway. A double amputee, his partner Sharna Burgess has had to think outside the box when creating choreography.



Rumer and Valentin (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

A lovely and alluring dancer that is inspiring to watch is finalist, Rumor Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. We find out through her story that being born into a celebrity status is not always a plus. Rumer is paired with the Valentin Chemerkovskiy.



Riker and Allison (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Finalist, Riker Lynch is dancing with Allison Holker. An upcoming pop star, Riker had a recurring role in the television hit, Glee. Of all the top 3, he is the most improved contender. His willingness to learn and his sense of fun is inspiring.


Powerful Questions:

What do you need, NOT what do you want?

This question is something that we may apply to our lives and the life choices that we make. What do we need?… better health, better relationships, peace of mind, security…?  This question may also be applied when we vote for our next DWTS winner as trivial as that sounds. Do we need a hero with an inspiring story to represents us or do we need a star that masters the dance to win? I’m sure each contestant wants that shiny mirror ball trophy but what is their individual need? I think their needs are met within the DWTS journey. The competition offers to them the opportunity to keep moving forward, no matter the difficulties, and shine through their performance.

Each finalist brings their own fight on to the dance floor…

The press has not always been kind and even downright mean and bullying to Rumer as she developed into a young woman. Through this, she has had to find her own way and part of that was found through her elegance on the dance floor. Girl power!


Riker brings a young heart-throb vibe to the show but he also represents family. I like how his  family supports each other and celebrates the arts together. This is apparent to us when Riker hits the dance floor.


Noah has overcome his obstacles in a powerful way after serving for us in Iraq. He got himself out of depression after a long rehabilitation and is now a motivational speaker and personal trainer. Watching Noah embrace the dance and life, represents hope to veterans and to all of us.


I look forward to the Dancing With The Stars finale. Who do we need as a winner? As far as I’m concerned, all of them have already won the journey.

A Question for you…

What do you need to be a winner in the dance of life?

I applaud your journey as you strive for a positive lifestyle. You Got The Power!


Maria Lauren, aka Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

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