Quarantine Anxiety, Exercise and Health


I choose hope.

Dizziness, sweating, trembling, nausea, sleep disturbances, restlessness, headaches and increased heart rate – are these the signs of the Coronavirus or anxiety?

If you are feeling tension, worry and concern for you and your family’s physical, emotional, financial and mental wellbeing, you are not alone. Together, we can help each other, even though we are warned to perform social distancing because of this Coronavirus. As a healthcare professional/lifestyle educator, I am reaching out in the hopes of enlightening you.

When this quarantine began, I was deployed to the frontlines screening patients at the entrance of medical and hospital centers. I have witnessed sick patients and expectant mothers gathered together at the entrance of wellness establishments to see their doctors. We need to flatten the curve of this virus and use common sense.

During this pandemic, if you don’t have a life-threatening situation, it is my suggestion to make telephone appointments with your doctor instead of taking trips to your hospital or medical center. This is for your safety and for the safety of others.

At this crucial time, I have come in contact with sick patients who had all the Coronavirus symptoms and were out of the country during the outbreak. For that reason, as well as my being sixty-eight years old and feeling ill, I was informed that I should get my doctor’s evaluation over the phone. My doctor advised that I be tested and to isolate myself from others until I receive the test results. This is a precautionary measure to make sure that those in healthcare, with symptoms, are indeed healthy and not hosting the COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus. Luckily, my test was negative. Positive news for me!

The threat of this virus is bad, no doubt, but research shows that fearfully stressing over this situation can cause physical symptoms of dizziness, sweating, trembling, nausea, sleep disturbances, restlessness, headaches and increased heart rate. Before these symptoms become problematic, you may prevent and get rid of quarantine anxiety through exercise practices.

Study after study, shows that exercise reduces anxiety and contributes to a better quality of life. This is true of all types of fitness forms whether it be Aerobic Dance, Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, Circuit Training or moderate intensity resistance exercises. It’s interesting to note, from research, that resistance exercise of higher intensity can increase stress and overburden your muscles. So, keep your fitness movements in a positive direction with no painful repercussions.

Being a naturally expressive, emotional person and a fitness therapist, I know that exercise, along with deep breathing, prayer and meditation works! Every day I do some kind of exercise because I feel the difference in my disposition and vitality. When I feel under the weather, I also try to get more rest and sleep, Relax-n-Renew, while continuing my regiment of consuming wholesome vitamin fueled foods and beverages.

In the midst of all this turmoil and safeguards make sure to release stress. Put on some music and dance to shake out tension. It feels good! I know it.

When the threat of Quarantine first hit the media and all my fitness classes that I taught were cancelled, I began to get anxious. So, my daughter, Marianna played the song, “I like to move it” and I began to move. After just a few seconds of fun dance therapy, I felt better!

On our YouTube channel, Feel Fit Freedom, you’ll see a variety of short, fun exercise videos by certified fitness instructors: my daughter, Marianna Riccio; my sister, Linda Eichberg and yours truly.

NEW!!! Renew Your Power – with Maria Lauren for safe and effective exercise videos of Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance grooves, and Pilates!

Exercise treats your mind as well as your body. Try moving and grooving to your favorite song. I bet you’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders.

I hope you try it and leave me a comment about how you feel.

Stay well and safe,

Maria Lauren, aka MariaElena Alberici

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Where do you find God?


There are times when I am on my last nerve and hope escapes me.  I am the vehicle that holds my soul but the tires of this vehicle are spinning in the mud, stuck in the smut that seems to splatters everywhere.

Where do I find God?

I find God in the beauty of nature. I find God when I’m taking deep breaths as my heart beats more rapidly while I am climbing to a hill-top. The view is just a glimpse of my Creator. There are many ways I see God that put a smile on my face but there are times when I cry out loudly with tears. Somehow through grace, I find the strength of God to move on. When I witness the innocence of a fragile new-born baby, I marvel at this intricately made human being that is precious to God. I find God within me when I pray, in communication with God, Father, Abba.




Are we bold but humble when we pray?

Our God, our Father is good and in control. Most of all God loves us. We can feel secure and confident in that. We can trust that. God yearns to be close to us and designed us with a void that only His comforting spirit can fill. God knows us, our past, present and future. Each one of us was created uniquely for a purpose. Jesus, our Savior will show us the way, if we ask and believe.

So, I wait. Patience running out. Sometimes, the way cannot be seen. I find it bewildering and frustrating but I know small steps must be taken and sometimes it takes a leap of faith.


“Call to me and I will answer you, I will show you marvelous and wondrous thing that you could never figure out on your own.” Jeremiah 33:3


Let’s start with gratitude.

Gratitude beats complaining. I do that more than I would like to admit. However, being kind and finding the good in someone is a better choice. It puts me in a happier, more peaceful place. On the other hand, if someone needs correction, that person should be confronted in love which takes courage and grace from above. ‘God, my Father, Jesus, my teacher and the Holy Spirit, please help me!’


My church, California Community, is doing ’40 Days of Prayer.’ On my new Instagram account, I am posting prayers, inspiration and healthy food, ’40 Day Power Plate and Pray.’ The ‘plate’ was added because my daughter and I like to snack. So, focusing on putting our food on a plate helps us to be more mindful of what we eat. Please join me on Instagram for this ’40 Day Challenge.’


Blessings to all,

Maria Lauren, aka Maria Elena Alberic

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