Are you going around in circles?


Hope and Courage

“My awareness (to the balance of nature) opens to the creative energy of the universe (directed by God) as I walk into the fulfillment of the future (hope and courage).”

– Maria Elena Alberici, AKA – Maria Lauren


Going around in circles is okay if you’re dancing but it’s not fun if you’re just dealing with the everyday stuff of life!

I find that when I have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, my functioning in the present is all out of sync. Thinking as a singer/musician, it’s impossible to perform a jazz song, if your head is doing rock-n-roll.

Life has a rhythm and every day the song is different. Being aware of your breathing and the beating of your heart can give you a clue to the song that you are living. If you don’t like the song, then change the channel or stop to reboot.


Take a break…

Do something positive that will put a smile on your face. Read something motivational, maybe a devotional or you can journal, meditate, pray, listen to music or an inspirational podcast.¬† Relax-n-Renew is a good resource of mini Guided Imagery with soothing music. It’s like taking a mini vacation! ūüôā

Starting my morning with a heart of gratitude always makes me feel better. I also like to do some kind of stretching or exercise to warm up my body while being in a prayerful state of thanksgiving.

Of course, there are those mornings, like today! You see, yesterday I varied my workout, a good thing to do, but today my body is screaming at me. Uhg!¬†ūüė¶¬†To get the kinks out, I stretch on my incline board/slant board where I start with very slow and mindful movements.¬†

I enjoy doing different forms of exercise and if I can do it outdoors, even better. At the beach, the air is so delectable! It’s a great place to do Yoga or Tai Chi with the focus on deep breathing meditation.

“Inhale new energy; exhale old energy.”


The Wheel…

maria_elena_alberici_yoga_fleibility_ strength_the_wheel

On the theme of going around in circles. The yoga pose called, The Wheel, is a challenge that keeps my core flexible and my limbs strong. Being 66 years on this earth, I use this move as part of my mental youth meter.

The Wheel used to be easy for me until two years ago, when I fractured my arm in two places. Since then, I have been slowly easing myself into this posture. 


Integrated Learning Strategies

To train my body for The Wheel, I do the same stretch with the support of a big ball.

The Yoga pose, Cobra also helps to stretch my abdominal and back muscles while The Plank pose helps strengthen my arms and core for this feat. 

Starting with the month of October is the arrival of Halloween and consecutive months of holiday celebrations which could be fun and stressful. I am getting a jump-start to keep the months ahead balanced and healthy. As I center my whole being on my breath, strength and resiliency, the distractions and worries of life no longer affect my nerve center in a negative way. I am grateful for the moment.


Final thoughts…

When I’m driving through life and I ignore my body’s speed limit and the environmental conditions, I may get stuck in the mud. My wheels go round and round, splattering mud everywhere but going nowhere. That’s when I need help to get back on the road of life.

Thank God for my circle of family and friends, especially those who hold me up in prayer.


“The circle of well-being balances strength and flexibility supported by a circle of family, friends and prayers.”

– Maria Elena Alberici, AKA Maria Lauren


Do you have a circle of prayers around you and your loved ones?

Wishing you peace,

Maria Lauren, AKA Maria Elena Alberici

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Renewal – My dance with the Lord

dance bible

“I believe God works in His time, not ours. God orchestrates our lives, so we might as well dance to the music.” – Your Powerful LIFE blog


“I believe God works in His time, not ours. God orchestrates our lives, so we might as well dance to the music.” – Maria Lauren, AKA Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio¬†

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know Jesus. As a child, my eight siblings and I were raised very differently than other children. Back then, living on a plant-based diet was not a cool thing to do. Everyone thought we were going to be weaklings because we didn’t eat meat.

Praying as a family got us through many challenges, even financial difficulties. These spiritual roots grew deeper when I learned bible stories in religion class, my favorite school subject. I took my Catholic education seriously and the bible to heart.

I was not part of the popular group but Jesus was my friend.

Even now,  Jesus is my Savior, God the Father is my Creator and the Holy Spirit gives me inspired intuition.

When I feel needy and weak, I am made strong. When I am overwhelmed, I am given peace. In every season of my life, there are little miracles that help me connect the dots as my life unfold. My heart swells with this knowing and I am so grateful.

“Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you.” – Jeremiah 1:5


Your Powerful LIFE is wired to God’s Purpose

God has given me abundant life with abundant emotions. This wiring gives me a wide scope for compassion in whatever I do, wherever I am. As seasons change, so do I, but what never changes is God’s presence within me. I am nurtured by the love of God’s grace,¬† the wisdom through Gods word and beauty by God’s design.¬†

Every moment is filled with the Holy Spirit but I have to take a moment to appreciate it and know it. I am loved by God’s awesome love, a love of power, humility,¬† commitment and renewal.


Thy Will Be Done

On this Easter Sunday, I recall the gift, passion, teachings and healing of Christ into glory.

My life has had frustrations, despairs and even suicidal thoughts creeped in to destroy me but through the pain, Christ has revealed himself more fully to me.

In my fear, I have found courage as I run with the Lord towards¬†a resurrected life. ūüôā

Below, are links of my past blog posts that ‘share some of my reflections. When life has been full of darkness, the Light can always be found…


Have a blessed Easter sharing in the resurrection and renewal of Christ.

Maria Lauren, A.K.A. Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

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‚ÄúYour Powerful LIFE‚Ä̬†is a blog about LIFE: Living, Inspiration, Fitness, Entertainment‚Ķ It is¬†produced in my own time and solely reflects my personal opinions. Statements on this site do not represent the views or policies of my employer, past or present, or any other organization with which I may be affiliated. All content is copyright.