Gal Pals, Sisters and Girlfriends


The Golddiggers of Rat Pack fame celebrate life and strike a pose! From left to right: Susan Buckner, Deborah Pratt, Maria Lauren (Alberici Sisters), Linda Eichberg (Alberici Sisters), Marie Peck, Patti Gribow, Peggy Gohl and Darlene Cianci (Alberici Sisters).

When girlfriends celebrate together, it is pure joy! My girlfriends are a colorful bunch of personalities as we tap into our inner diva which touches on the divine!

We have a history together, starting as singers and dancers on the Dean Martin Show. We were just babes!

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Through the years, we worked and played together and in between, we lived life, broke-up with boyfriends, got married, got divorced, had babies, watched them grow, applauded their achievements and watched them get married. Such was this occasion. My sister’s daughter, Lindsay was getting married! It was a grand affair partying with my dear friends and family too!

It’s so important to have people in your life that have witnessed your ups and downs and are there for you as you turn the page of another chapter.  I found you just can’t beat sharing your life story with sisters, girlfriends and gal pals! For that, I’m truly grateful.


Start today and call a girlfriend or sister to pal around, with, have lunch, go shopping, go to the movies, go dancing, drink wine, exercise together or just talk. Texting doesn’t count! 😉

Have a blessed life and share it with a friend,

Maria Lauren, AKA Maria Elena Alberici

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Holiday Gifts Everyday


Your gifts are powerful!

Gifts have power. A gift exchange can make the receiver feel special in so many different ways. A gift is not just a material gesture. Your talents and all that make up the total you is a gift. What are your gifts?

Wrapping-up this year with a bow of gratitude and thinking of the gifts in your life is a wonderful way to end the year.

I’m remembering the gifts of family. We’re not always picture perfect or always happy but we love each other. I’m remembering the gift of friends. Their unique gift of themselves gives my life a variety of color. I’m remembering the gift of work and all my co-workers at Kaiser Permanente with whom I share a unity of purpose. Most of all, I’m remembering the gift of Christ’s love and the gifts that encompass me and my LIFE: Living, Inspiration, Fitness, Entertainment.

My daughter Marianna started the Holidays with the gift of going to the theater to see “Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin” at the Geffen Playhouse. Irving Berlin made a mark in music history as a great American composer who wrote clever lyrics and catchy melodies. Some of his songs are “Happy Holidays” and the musical comedy, “Annie Get Your Gun.”


Critic’s Choice! A “remarkable portrait … richly entertaining and ultimately touching.” – Los Angeles Times

Hershey Felder is a talented pianist, singer and story-teller. He urged the audience of mostly mature adults/seniors to sing along but even my daughter in her twenties knew most of the songs too!

I’d like to share what my daughter, Marianna Riccio wrote on her Facebook page about this theatrical experience…


Marianna Riccio

“I so enjoyed seeing the Irving Berlin one-man show at the Geffen playhouse. What extraordinary talents Mr. Fletcher showed as a musician and actor! Being an artist myself, it was inspirational to learn of how his legendary songs came to be; the story behind why he wrote them, etc. For example, can you believe ” God Bless America” was snubbed and put back in his book of unsung songs? A secretary was like “Mr. Berlin, not another corny patriotic song.” However, when it did come out, he gave his proceeds to the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America.

Also, who would’ve thought that the song, “White Christmas” was written about Irving Berlin’s baby son who had died overnight on Christmas in his sleep. He also dedicated this song to the American soldiers who missed their families during tremulous times of war and wanted to come back home. They were dreaming of a white Christmas just like the ones they used to know.

May you feel the blessings of the holiday season your whole year through in 2015 and always.” -Marianna Riccio

Thank you Marianna for sharing. You are a special gift to daddy and I. I’m also thinking of our soldiers away from their homes with sadness but appreciation for their service. Music is another gift of which I am grateful; it brings me much joy. The life and music of Irving Berlin is an inspiration and this show is a fitting tribute to the memory of this American treasure. 

The Holidays is a time for Life Reflections. Remember to be open to gifts and to share your gifts in 2015.

Happy New Year!

Maria Lauren, (aka) Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

“Your Powerful LIFE” blog

Maria-Lauren-Alberici-Riccio-You-Got-The-PowerThis blog is about LIFE: Living, Inspiration, Fitness, Entertainment.

Statements on this site do not represent the views or policies of my employer, past or present, or any other organization with which I may be affiliated. All content is copyrighted.

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