Lady Luck steps into Las Vegas

Lady Luck steps into Las Vegas when the Rat Pack ruled the strip but also sizzles in today’s Las Vegas!

Lady Luck has been charmed by Frank Sinatra in the song, ‘Luck be a Lady,’ she has a downtown Vegas casino named after her and she is the subject of a new music video sung by recording artist, Marianna Riccio and directed/edited by award-winning videographer, Harry J Jarvis.


Singer, songwriter, Marianna Riccio is ‘Lady Luck’ in new music video!

Because of our connection to the artist, ūüėČ my sister and I (Alberici Sisters) also make a few appearances in the Lady Luck music video… our book is featured too!

Our historical entertainment book was prompted by a newspaper reporter who interviewed us on the Red Carpet at The Grammy Award Ceremony. We were there to honor Dean Martin receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award because of our many years performing with Dean as The Golddiggers.


The Alberici Sister’s book, Beyond Our Wildest Dreams – The Grammys Red Carpet

“As we celebrated that evening, it all came flooding back‚ÄĒthe stars, the memories….

Touring with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin on the same bill, hanging out in the dressing rooms and at home with Sammy Davis Jr.; taping the Dean Martin TV show; opening the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with Dean and then appearing at Bally’s for so many years until Dean’s final performances. What an experience. What fun!

Spending all of that time in Las Vegas with Dean opened our eyes to who the legendary entertainer really was on a personal level; the man behind the laughter. And the sorrow.

As my sister and I searched for our friends through the crowd we were stopped by another news reporter, ‘How did you like performing with Dean Martin?’ He became enthralled with our stories of singing, dancing and palling around with Dean Martin and the Rat Pack.”

– Excerpt from “Beyond Our Wildest Dreams, book by the Alberici Sisters, produced by Billy Ingram.


My daughter, Marianna grew up watching Dean Martin and The Golddiggers on-stage in Las Vegas!


Maria Lauren (mom) poses for a picture with Marianna Riccio (daughter) before a performance in Las Vegas.

Marianna Riccio performs the song, Lady Luck in honor of the glamour days of Las Vegas!

Comments on the Lady Luck music video premier¬†have just come in…

“A STAR IS BORN… This is so amazing… What a beautiful talent!” … “You make me want to go to Vegas – NOW!!!”… “What a hoot!” … “Great song and video.” … “Awesome!” … “Entertaining and fun!” … “Fantastic song… Looking ladylicious Marianna Riccio!” … “Retro cool!!” … “Catchy tune!” … “It is more than great!!!” ….



Wasn’t that fun?

My sister Linda and I were¬†more than pleased to¬†sing¬†a little snippet of ‘Luck be a Lady’¬†in the Lady Luck music video¬†as our hearts commemorated¬†100 years of Frank Sinatra! Now, a whole new generation can take notice.

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Thanks a bunch,

Maria Lauren, a.k.a. Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

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“Lady Luck” let your light shine!

"Lady Luck" - Vegas song!

Marianna Riccio – Singer/Songwriter (Photo by Nicky Wesley)

Within each woman is a “Lady Luck”¬†ready to take form¬†as a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, mentor¬†or¬†competitor.

Marianna Riccio brings a new sound to the Las Vegas scene with her song, “Lady Luck.”¬†Vegas has¬†sure changed since the time I performed there during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. As a young mother, I took my daughter, Marianna with me when I performed with Dean Martin as part of the singing and dancing group, The Golddiggers. Even then, she loved the lights, the¬†sounds¬†and the Stars.


Dean Martin of Rat Pack fame, backstage at Ballys with Marianna Riccio and mom, Maria Lauren

Marianna’s new¬†pop/dance song, “Lady Luck” makes¬†Vegas¬†come alive, hotter than ever!

Listen to Marianna sing¬†“Lady¬†Luck” featuring the Alberici Sisters of Rat Pack fame and other original songs¬†by Marianna Riccio on Sound Cloud!

“Lady Luck” – Vegas song lyrics by Marianna Riccio


Television Glitter!

Every week, television transports me to the glitter and glamour that Las Vegas is known for when I watch “Dancing With The Stars.”

This season, myself and most women I know are happy to see the Chmerkovskiy brothers,¬†Val and Maks,¬†on the show again but¬†I am most in awe of Team USA’s Paralympic bronze medalist, Amy Purdy. She is inspirational, her beauty is transparent, she’s got moves and Derek Hough as a partner!

Amy Purdy and Derek Hough – Dancing With The Stars


As a mom, I still want to protect my daughter. This takes love, faith, trust and heavenly power. I know my daughter has her own journey but I am always there for her. Young women, take heart as you learn your strengths, weaknesses and how resilient you are body, mind and spirit.

Let your¬†“Lady Luck” light shine!

Maria Lauren (aka) Maria Elena Alberici ‚Äď Riccio

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Alberici-Sisters--Rat-Pack-book¬†During the groovy 70’s, Dean Martin and The Golddiggers joined the best in Las Vegas entertainment. Elvis, Sinatra and Liza ruled the Vegas strip and my sister and I, Alberici Sisters,¬†were a part of it, so we wrote the book, “Beyond Our Wildest Dreams!”

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