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Our connections/relationships contribute to our vitality.

Positive work in service…

It give me great pleasure to know I am helping people improve their fitness and health when I instruct them in a variety of therapeutic exercises at Kaiser Permanente.

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Kaiser Permanente’s ‘Center for Healthy Living’ teaches patients how to ‘Thrive.’

Sense of Community

It does my heart well to see the participants in my Healthy Living classes arrive early and leave late so that they can socially connect with one another. Whether it’s talking about their favorite television series, movies or concert, showing pictures of their gardening, children or grandchildren, it all brings a sense of community. Positive energy abounds as they discover the benefits of Yoga, Pilates, Dance or Tai Chi.


Family Sharing

A strong connection in our family is sharing healthy recipes and daily exercise. My sister, Linda and I enjoy exploring the philosophies of life, the bible, and Yoga at the Beach.


Practicing Yoga on the Beach – Alberici Sisters



Mom and daughter keep flexible!

Mothers have a special connection with their daughters. My daughter, Marianna specializes in Pilates and is a certified fitness trainer who inspires others with her passion for being fit: How to get a thin Waist but keep your Curves.



We are uniquely wired and created by an awesome God. Each one of us can plug into that Creative Force. I find peace when I connect to the presence of the Lord. I find wisdom in the bible and inspirational books. Our relationships can bring us love and encouragement or bring us the negative. Some connections need to be severed because these bonds become a bondage. We get prospective from those with whom we share our life. Choose well.

  • What are you plugged into?
  • What sparks your interest?


Enjoy your connections!

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Beach Yoga & Pope Wisdom


Certified teacher, Maria Lauren – Yoga posture, Half Lord of the Fishes – Quote

Surviving the change of seasons does not only apply to the weather but to the seasons of our life. Change, whether expected or unexpected takes an understanding….

“Understanding is not taking a stand. It is twisting away from pre-conceived notions. It is taking a breath. It is an opening of the heart with a smile.” ~ Maria Lauren (Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio)

September is one of the hottest times of the year in Southern California with the Pacific Ocean hitting its warmest temperatures. As summer ends, I must admit to getting a feeling of urgency for beach activities including the desire for stillness which is found through the practice of Yoga postures.

The beach is the perfect setting to renew the understanding of our body, mind and spirit and our connection to the world around us.

The Yoga pose, Half Lord of the Fishes (pictured above) opens up the area around the heart as you breathe deeply. The twisting helps to energize and stretch your spine as well as the shoulders, hips and neck while increasing the circulation in your internal organs of the liver and kidneys. Holding this posture may also help your digestion and elimination. Now, that should put a smile on your face! 🙂

* For a modification, you may extend your bottom leg if that is more comfortable for you.



Certified teacher, Marianna Riccio demonstrates the Yoga pose, Lord of the Dance with a motivational quote.

My daughter, Marianna Riccio, also like to do Yoga at the beach…

Marianna: “The Lord of the Dance is a Yoga pose that helps with focus, flexibility and balance. This pose opens up the hip flexors, the back, chest and front of the body while developing range of motion in the shoulder. It also strengthens my ankle which was severely injured in high school and the arch of my standing foot.”

“In life, sometimes we need to grab on to what is behind in order to grasp a stronger body and mind, gazing upon our future with optimistic eyes.” ~ Marianna Riccio


Thank you, Marianna.

The exercise practice of Yoga can benefit everyone with better well-being…. Yoga is not a religion to me but it can be spiritual, especially when my mind focuses on my Christian-based beliefs. When I breathe the breath of life, I remember in gratitude that my body is a temple entrusted to me by my loving Creator. The deep breathing has a meditative effect and is a principal component when anyone attempts to do the stretches and balances in Yoga properly.

The Powerful Message of the Pope – Renew…


Pope Francis brings a powerful message of wisdom, happiness and renewal to the USA.

This month, a breath of fresh air for our country was the visit of Pope Francis to America. His presence brings an open smile of love as a good shepherd welcomes his sheep. His message is full of compassion and wisdom, a true blessing to the people of our land and the whole human race.

The Pope’s Ten Tips for a Happier Life

“Live and let live. Be giving of yourself to other. Proceed calmly…”

I was born in Philadelphia and raised with a Catholic education, so I ponder on the fact that the Pope’s last mass was in my home town. I would like to share a few of the Pope’s holy words including a question addressed to his flock: “What about you? I encourage you to be renewed in the joy of that first encounter with Jesus and to draw from that joy renewed fidelity and strength… and I ask you all to pray for me.”

Pope Francis last mass in America – Fox News

Powerful, Positive Visualizations & Bible Meditations

Relax-n-Renew (Samples, CD, Downloads)

September is national Yoga month…. It is also a reminder to renew your body with exercise, your spirit with the power of prayer and your mind with positive meditations while going with the flow of life.

Wishing you love, wisdom, joy and renewal,

Maria Lauren, aka Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

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