Beyond Dreams into Reality


Dean Martin with the Alberici Sisters from The Golddiggers – Book: “Beyond Our Wildest Dreams”

It takes action for dreams to become reality, not to mention a courageous leap of faith and the discipline of perseverance. Life has taught me that one success builds on another in a steady, graceful flow when I let go of control and let God. This trustful confidence brings a peaceful knowing and the path is revealed.

“Fortune favors the brave.” Pubilus Terence

“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.” – Babe Ruth

My sister Linda and I are thankful everyday for the blessings of our family and the blessings of a show business family that included the notorious Rat Pack. A blessing, you ask? Yes. It is a blessing to know another human being, what makes them tick and what brings them joy and sorrow. What a privilege it was to witness the intricacies of their artistry!

It has taken over two years to write about our journey as entertainers in the 70’s and now our book is getting ready to be printed. It’s loaded with insights about the stars with whom we were up-close and personal like our touring with Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. It’s an easy read with pictures galore!

“What are the chances? The odds certainly were against us but out of thousands of young women, two humble girls from a family of nine children were chosen to be featured singers and dancers on The Dean Martin Comedy Hour. Now, here we are walking the Red Carpet at the 2009 Grammy Awards ceremony with Dean Martin’s family…”  ~ Book Excerpt, “Beyond Our Wildest Dreams”

Beyond Our Wildest Dreams is available with reviews on-line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, written by the Alberici Sisters, Maria Lauren and Linda Eichberg; produced by Billy Ingram.



Through the years, my sister and I strived to keep our family values foremost in our minds with the daily habit of healthy eating and exercise. Presently, we are certified fitness instructors and I am on-staff as a Lifestyle Educator at Kaiser Permanente.


At our Kaiser Permanente’s Panorama City campus we have been conducting a Get Fit 30 – Day Fitness Challenge:

* Eat five vegetables every day and when you are looking for a snack, go to veggies first.

* Exercise thirty minutes a day, even if you have to break it down into two fifteen minute sessions. Walk.

Did you know? Eliminating one 20 ounce soda a day for a year could trim 25 pounds of weight from your frame!

Did you know? Eating 6 ounces of fatty fish a week dramatically decreases your risk of a heart attack! Wild salmon and trout are your best choices.

If you have any questions or comments about health and fitness or Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Gene Kelly and the many celebrities that appeared on the Dean Martin Comedy Hour and Roasts, I would love to hear from you.

Many blessings,

Maria Lauren – Your Powerful LIFE blog  

(AKA) Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio



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4 thoughts on “Beyond Dreams into Reality

  1. YOU JUST GAVE ME INSPIRATION!!! I ran to find veggies in my fridge and then ran to Yoga.
    thank you – thank you – thank you.
    From the Florida (it takes a) Village Pool,

    • Susie, thank you for sharing our journey in The Golddiggers, for being a dear friend and your presence in our book. You will always be “Susie Cheerleader” to me even though most people may know you as the character you played in the movie, Grease!
      Love you, Maria

  2. Maria Lauren was my high school classmate, and she and her sister Linda are extraordinarily beautiful and talented ladies. Can’t wait to read the book!

    • Robbie, thanks for your support. Hopefully, my sister and I will see you at the LA Jazz Institute’s Modern Sounds, a festival of West Coast Jazz and big bands at the Marriott LAX.
      God bless.

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