Dancing With The Stars, family and friends for health!


Dance Styles and Exercise Forms – Pictured: Alberici Sister, The Golddiggers, Maria Lauren, Marianna Riccio

When the music starts, my body starts moving whether I am sitting down, laying down or standing up. It’s a natural response. Isn’t it? The human body was made to move so it makes sense that dancing is beneficial for your body, mind and spirit.

It’s no wonder that I am a fan of the television show, “Dancing With The Stars.” The show is not only entertaining but it’s inspirational too. Dancing is a wonderful way to exercise and express pent-up emotions. This aerobic activity is therapeutic for releasing stress and helps to keep your cardiovascular system, muscles, bones and brain healthy, especially as we age.

“Dancing was the only physical activity associated with lower risk of dementia.”New England Journal of Medicine, Published in 2003

A 21-year study of senior citizens was led by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City and funded by the National Institute on Aging. The study wanted to see if regularly practiced physical or cognitive activities (thinking, reasoning, remembering) influenced mental capabilities.

The results in short, for a reduced risk of dementia was as follows:

Reading – 35%, Cross-word puzzles – 47%, Dancing – 76%

Dancing had the greatest risk reduction of the activities studied, cognitive or physical.


Enjoy these dancing and entertainment highlights…


A big thank you to “Dancing With The Stars” for motivating people to dance! Personally, it’s been a joy for me to tune into the competition since it’s first USA airing in 2005.

Congratulations to this years 2014 winner of “Dancing With The Stars,” Alfonso Ribeiro of “Prince of Bel Air” fame and his teacher, the beautiful Witney Carson of “So You Think You Can Dance” fame!

Here’s a clip of them doing the “Carlton Dance!” 🙂


I enjoy doing the many dance styles that were the craze throughout the ages but I’m a singer who loves to dance. This led me into the group, The Golddiggers of  “The Dean Martin Comedy Hour” and Las Vegas, “Showstoppers.”


In 1977, the release of the movie, “Saturday Night Fever” brought disco dancing to the forefront and the moves of John Travolta. Disco, the mirror ball light and the coveted mirror ball trophy of “Dancing With The Stars” still represents the best in dancing today.

This past Halloween, my daughter Marianna Riccio and I had a small dress-up party and got retro leading some disco moves. We break the steps down on this home video from the ground up…


Dance is great aerobic exercise and the best thing about dancing is you don’t even realize your exercising because it’s lots of  fun!

Find freedom in the dance,

Maria Lauren, aka Maria Elena Alberici – Riccio

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